Mucosal Immunology Laboratory

Lab head: Shi San Bao
Location: Blackburn Building, Camperdown

Research conducted by this unit focuses on mucosal immunity, at both a molecular and cellular level. More specifically, this unit investigates the involvement of a number of genes (traditionally associated with the control of the immune response) in experimental models of idiopathic inflammatory bowel disease and atherosclerosis, with a view to gaining new insights into the mechanisms which underlie these disorders.

Lab members: S Bao (head)

Sudden Death in Young Australian CSI (Sydney)

Primary supervisor: Bob Bao

Heart disease is the most common cause of sudden death in Australians <35y. The underlying mechanism is unclear. Our preliminary data suggest novel inflammatory mediators contribute to heart attack, leading to death!!! Our project will focus on the pathogenesis of premature CVD. Would you like to be the CSI?

Discipline: Pathology
Co-supervisors: Rajesh Puranik