Brain Dynamics Centre

Lab head: Mayuresh Korgaonkar
Location: Westmead Institute for Medical Research

The Westmead Institute¿s Brain Dynamics Centre is committed to pioneering brain research that will give us a new understanding of mental wellbeing, and the cause and treatment of disorders of mental health. Nearly one in two Australians will experience some form of mental illness at some stage during their life. It is the largest cause of non-fatal disability of any disease in the country. Our research aims to foster mental health for individuals, by improving personal level care, and to change the way mental health is understood, researched and treated throughout the world. Our studies look at biological markers for mental health disorders so that we can tailor treatments and therapies to best suit each individual person. Our insights will be ultimately used to bring about the early identification, the best treatment and the prevention of mental illness.

Research approach equipment: Neuroimaging, Psychophysiology, Cognitive testing, Clinical Interview

Identifying predictors of treatment response in children and adolescents with ADHD

Primary supervisor: Kristi Griffiths

The precise neurobiological mechanisms underlying Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are poorly understood and may differ between individuals. There is a need to identify subtypes of ADHD with similar pathophysiology, and to identify biological markers that allow for a more personalised treatment approach. This project will use psychophysiological measures (e.g. electroencephalogram, skin conductance, heart rate) to compare children and adolescents who have responded well to a stimulant (methylphenidate) or a non-stimulant (atomoxetine) medication in a clinical trial. With this project we aim to improve the understanding of the neurobiological mechanisms underlying ADHD and to identify non-invasive psychophysiological markers for guiding individualised treatment decisions.

Discipline: Applied Medical Sciences, Westmead
Co-supervisors: Michael Kohn, Mayuresh Korgaonkar
Keywords: Pharmacology, Physiology, ADHD/Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder