Skeletal Endocrine Laboratory

Lab head: Dr Tara Brennan-Speranza
Location: Room N350, Anderson Stuart Building, F13


The role of osteocalcin in the modulation of whole body energy metabolism

Primary supervisor: Tara Speranza

Osteocalcin is a bone-specific protein but recent evidence indicates that it plays a previously

unsuspected role in the control of glucose and fat (energy) metabolism (Brennan-Speranza et al.

JCI, 122:4172-4189, 2012). The mechanism by which the body senses osteocalcin is still unclear

although evidence points to a Class C G-protein coupled receptor (the GPRC6A) as the osteocalcin

receptor. This project aims to uncover the controversies surrounding osteocalcin-sensing by the

body as well as further understanding the pathways by which this little protein from the skeleton

controls whole body energy metabolism using molecular and cell biology techniques and mouse


Discipline: Physiology
Keywords: Diabetes