The Centre for Transplant and Renal Research

Lab head: Wayne Hawthorne
Location: Department of Surgery, Westmead Clinical School, and Westmead Medical Research Institute

Lab members: Dr Natasha Rogers, Renal and Transplant Physician Westmead and Renal Researcher Westmead Institute of Medical Research.
Funding: C.J.Martin Fellowship

Alternative approaches to preventing rejection in transplant models. Focusing on islet cell transplantation.

Primary supervisor: Wayne Hawthorne

Investigating the role tissue typing for islet transplantation.

Organ transplantation is plagued by rejection regardless of how well matched organ donors and recipients are due to even minor mismatched antigens between donor and recipient. If the mismatched antigens can be masked from the immune system then organ transplants may be less likely to be rejected and patients may also require less immunosuppression.


Aptamers are short segments of DNA which can be raised against specific antigens. These proteins are not antigenic themselves and are cheaper and simpler to use than antibodies.


This current proposal will be used to determine if there is a role for aptamers to block or bind antibodies in preventing the rejection process.

Discipline: Applied Medical Sciences, Westmead
Co-supervisors: Yi Vee Chew, Stephen Alexander
Keywords: Transplantation, Translation research, Diabetes