Lipid Metabolism Laboratory

Lab head: Dr Andrew Hoy
Location: Charles Perkins Centre

The Lipid Metabolism Laboratory investigates the mechanisms linking perturbed lipid metabolism and a range of pathologies. Currently, our primary interests are in insulin resistance/type 2 diabetes/obesity and cancer including breast, pancreatic and prostate, particularly how these cancers behave differently in an obese patient vs a lean patient. The lab located in The Hub, Charles Perkins Centre where the following projects will be available.

Lab members: A Hoy (head)

Nutritional geometric framework and liver biology

Primary supervisor: Andrew Hoy

Fatty liver is an initial starting point for a wide-range of pathologies. The seminal work of Prof Steve Simpson and Dr Samantha Solon-Biet has identified components of dietary intake, that for reasons yet to be determined, result in fatty liver. In collaboration with Prof Simpson and Dr Solon-Biet, this project will elucidate the influence of branch chain amino acids, non-branch chain amino acids and other factors on liver lipid homeostasis and its potential flow-on effect on hepatocellular carcinoma progression. The project will employ techniques including cell culture, biochemical analysis, gene expression, genetic manipulation, radiometric metabolic analysis and cancer cell proliferation.

Discipline: Physiology
Co-supervisors: Samantha Solon-Biet, Stephen Simpson
Keywords: Fatty liver disease, Lipid metabolism, Nutrition