Lipid Metabolism Laboratory

Lab head: Dr Andrew Hoy
Location: Charles Perkins Centre

The Lipid Metabolism Laboratory investigates the mechanisms linking perturbed lipid metabolism and a range of pathologies. Currently, our primary interests are in insulin resistance/type 2 diabetes/obesity and cancer including breast, pancreatic and prostate, particularly how these cancers behave differently in an obese patient vs a lean patient. The lab located in The Hub, Charles Perkins Centre where the following projects will be available.

Lab members: A Hoy (head)

Lipid metabolism and breast and prostate cancer

Primary supervisor: Andrew Hoy

Lipid accumulation in both breast and prostate cancer is a common observation, especially in aggressive cancers. The vast majority of lipid is stored as triacylglycerols or cholesterol esters in lipid droplets within these cells. These lipid droplets are closely located to mitochondria, to serve a readily available supply of energy for tumour progression. This project will target the enzymes that regulate lipid flux at the lipid droplet, and elucidate their function and potential for therapeutic targeting in cancer. The project is part of a Movember-funded international program and will employ techniques including cell culture, genetic manipulation, radiolabel metabolic analysis, mass spectrometery, cutting-edge microscopy and cancer cell progression including proliferation, migration and invasion.

Discipline: Physiology
Co-supervisors: Jeff Holst
Keywords: Cancer, Cancer Metabolism