Mucosal immunology and sexual transmission of HIV

Lab head: Andrew Harman
Location: Centre for Virus Research, The Westmead Institute for Medical Research

Lab members: Andrew Harman, Kirstie Bertram, Heeva Baharlou, Jake Rhodes, Hafsa Rana, Chloe Doyle
Funding: NHMRC, Philanthropic
Research approach equipment: Our group has acquired access to all the tissues that make up the human anogenital tracts (labia, vagina, cervix, foreskin, glans penis, anus and rectum). We use these tissue to define the immune environment of these tissue and examine their role in sexual transmission of HIV.

Defining T cell subsets in human anogential tissues and their interactions with HIV

Primary supervisor: Kirstie Bertram

We will define the human T cell subsets in anogential tissues and their interactions with HIV. Using a range of techniques, including tissue digestion, flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy. 

Discipline: Applied Medical Sciences, Westmead
Co-supervisors: Andrew Harman, Anthony Cunningham
Keywords: T cells, Virology, Infectious Diseases