Alzheimer's Disease Cell Biology Laboratory

Lab head: Claire Goldsbury
Location: Brain and Mind Research Institute, Mallett St, Camperdown

Lab members: C Goldsbury (head)

Oxidative-stress and mitochondrial dysfunction in the initiation of Alzheimer-like cytoskeletal abnormalities

Primary supervisor: Claire Goldsbury

Oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction are associated with neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer's disease (AD). Evidence of oxidative stress has been demonstrated during mild cognitive impairment and early on in AD along with the development of neuropathological lesions that include characteristic intracellular inclusions of hyperphosphorylated tau protein and extracellular amyloid deposits. The aim of this project is to determine whether there is a relationship between mitochondrial function, oxidative stress and tau hyperphosphorylation in neurons. A combination of techniques will be used including primary neuronal cell culture, cell viability assays, immunoprecipitation, Western blotting, and fluorescence microscopy.

Discipline: Anatomy & Histology