Admissions - Overview

1. Doctor of Medicine - For applicants with a bachelor's degree

Domestic and international applications for 2018 entry have now closed and will reopen for 2019 entry in May 2018.

The Admissions Guides 2018 on the right-hand panel are for your information only. The Admissions Guides 2019 will be posted in March/April 2018.

Assumed knowledge

With effect from 2020, the MD Program curriculum will be revised to include more time in clinical settings and preparation for practice. Biomedical science knowledge teaching and learning in Year 1 will therefore be at higher level than the current program. The changes have been endorsed by Sydney Medical School and are subject to approval by the University of Sydney Academic Board.

The assumed knowledge on entry to the MD Program will be in anatomy, physiology and molecular/cellular biology. At or before the start of the MD Program, students will be required to complete an online Foundation Knowledge Course and self- assessment, developed and delivered by Sydney Medical School. This online course will cover the assumed knowledge. Students entering the MD Program from 2020 onwards will have access to the Foundation Knowledge Course once they have been offered and have accepted a place in the Program.

Sydney Medical School highly values the diversity of the medical student community and encourages entry of students from diverse backgrounds and with a wide variety of undergraduate degrees. This philosophy will be maintained after the 2020 changes. A Biomedical Science undergraduate degree is NOT a requirement for entry to the MD Program, and all MD Program students must complete the Foundation Knowledge Course regardless of their prior degree.

Further information will be posted in due course.


Sydney Medical School regularly reviews the admissions criteria and application processes for its courses, including the Doctor of Medicine (MD). It reserves the right to change these criteria and processes without notice. Statements in the current Admissions Guide and information on this website provide advice about the currently applicable criteria and processes, and may not be correct for future application periods.

It is possible that GPA scores will, in the future, be incorporated into the ranking of applicants for entry into the MD. It is also possible that the GPA requirement will be increased. Applicants are advised to consult this website on a regular basis for any updates. (It is unnecessary to contact the University or Sydney Medical School for information as no further details are available at this stage.)

2. Double Degree Medicine - For high school leavers

Please see the Double Degree Medicine page for details.

Future Students Enquiries

Domestic Applicants (Australian or New Zealand citizens or permanent residents of Australia)
If you are a future domestic student click here to ask a question or phone 1800 793 864 (1800 SYD UNI).

International Applicants (Citizens of any country other than Australia and New Zealand, and not permanent residents of Australia)
If you are a future international student click here to ask a question or phone 1800 SYD UNI (1800 793 864 - within Australia) or +61 2 8627 1444 (outside Australia)