Flexible study arrangements for international students

As an international student, Sydney Medical School recognises that experience in your home country is beneficial to you. The flexible study arrangements allow you to apply to do overseas placements in your country of origin or, for North American students, in either Canada or the USA.

Sydney Medical Program (SMP) international students can apply to complete a Stage 3 Year 4 Core block, or part of one Stage 3 Specialty block overseas (not both). As well, the Pre-Internship Term (PRINT) can be completed overseas.

In addition, all SMP students can apply for an overseas Elective Term.

The booklet on this page - ‘Flexible study arrangements for international students 2017’ – provides details of these options and should be used a guideline. Current students can refer to Blackboard for updates or contact the staff or faculty members for more information on specific programs.

It is important to note that the flexible study arrangements have only been approved for current, full-fee paying international students enrolled in the Sydney Medical Program.