Brain and Mind Sciences

Study Brain and Mind Sciences at the University of Sydney


The Brain and Mind Sciences program prepares you for a highly rewarding career in mental health and neuroscience, where you can make a real difference to the wellbeing of individuals and communities.

The Brain and Mind Centre is internationally renowned for its interdisciplinary model, leading researchers, and its important contributions to mental health and neuroscience. As a student, you will draw on these strengths to develop world-class professional and clinical skills. You will gain a solid understanding of basic neuroscience, clinical applications and interventions.

Why study brain and mind sciences with us?

  • Our programs are offered through the Brain and Mind Centre which is home to clinics focused on Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, dementia, youth mental health and sleep disorders, all of which are tied to clinical research programs.
  • The Brain and Mind Centre also has leading preclinical laboratories working on the genetics of neurodevelopment and the etiology of Alzheimer’s Disease and brain tumors, and a strong drive toward translational technologies such as neuroimaging and stem regenerative medicine, and
  • You will be exposed to leading Australian mental health researchers and have opportunities for research activities alongside these leaders in the field.

Who should study this course?

Our students are from a range of backgrounds, including non-medical graduates and range from graduate scientists working in industry or who are interested in pursuing higher research degrees to General Practitioners or nurses who regularly have to care for patients with mental illnesses.

Graduate Opportunities

Graduates will have opportunities within general practice, clinical psychology or psychiatry, or employment as graduate scientists in industry (science organisations, biotech industry, pharmaceutical companies), or university settings.

Course Options

Student profiles

Robyn Thomas

Robyn Thomas
Master of Brain and Mind Science, commenced in 2014

"As a corporate medicolegal, I was looking for a career change into a field where I could make a difference to the wellbeing of people experiencing chronic pain and mental health disorders. The Master of Brain and Mind Science degree provided me with the knowledge and skills to do that."

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"Learning at Sydney Medical School fueled my passion for neurosciences and gave me the skills to work as an allied mental health professional in clinical practice.

I have been able to integrate education about the neurobiological underpinnings of behaviour, mental health and cognition into my work with people across the spectrum of illness. Patients report feeling empowered and that their functional capacity and quality of life have improved. It’s been very rewarding to be part of the process."

Elena Germanoska

Elena Germanoska
Master of Brain and Mind Science, commenced in 2015

"The Master of Brain and Mind Sciences offers a hands on research component where students work with elite researchers and professors on cutting edge projects. This learning experience gave me the ability to better understand medicine of the brain as well as opportunities to advance in my career path."

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"The degree also provides versatility in time and study interests, allowing me to navigate through my degree by studying psychiatry, neurology and psychology.

I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to advance their knowledge around medicine or central nervous system diseases. It tests the way you think and understand information by teaching you to question and assess ideas and research in advanced ways."