Cataract and Refractive Surgery

Cataract and Refractive Surgery


Cataract and refractive surgery is an ever-expanding area within the field of ophthalmology that encompasses laser and non-laser surgery vision correction.

Such surgery has traditionally been performed by surgeons in large private clinics, but in recent years has become accepted as part of mainstream ophthalmic care. Laser eye surgery is now the most frequently performed eye operation in Australia.

Why study cataract and refractive surgery us?

  • Our Masters course is the first of its kind in the world
  • Your lecturers include internationally recognised corneal and refractive surgeons
  • Our course is flexible and suited to busy professionals, while still providing world-class training and development, and
  • The course includes a two-week placement in an accredited refractive surgical centre and time spent in the wet lab at Sydney Eye Hospital, to develop practical skills and experience.

Who should study this course?

This course is for medical graduates who are either in their final year of accredited training with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmology (RANZCO) or an equivalent body, and are eligible for subspecialty fellowship, or registered to practice ophthalmology in the relevant state/territory or country of residence. It is suitable for those who wish to gain skills and experience to provide superior care to their patients, and advance their career.

Graduate Opportunities

Our courses in Cataract and refractive surgery prepare ophthalmologists and the appropriate selection of candidates for refractive surgery, and provides an understanding of the surgical techniques involved and how to deal with complications that may arise.

Course options
Non-award study (single unit enrolment)

It is possible to take almost any unit of study as a non-award student. For more information, please visit Single Unit Enrolment.