HIV, STIs and Sexual Health

Human immuno-deficiency virus, sexually transmitted infections and Sexual Health present major public health concerns throughout the world. Every year, millions of people become are affected, resulting in considerable morbidity and mortality. The course provides the theoretical and practical skills to help address these pressing needs. Over the past twenty years the department has been providing high quality training to Australian & international students from a wide variety of professional background, reflected in the different “Pathways” available: clinical medicine, nursing, laboratory testing, public health, and counselling.

Course Aims

The course aims to equip professionals who are either working or would like to work in this important area and want to be equipped with the latest knowledge and skills using a variety of interactive face-to-face and online formats.

Who should study this course?

This course is designed for graduates from a wide range of health disciplines, including doctors, nurses, researchers and other areas of health sciences or counselling students who are interested in working the field of sexual health.

Why study with us?

This is one of the most diverse courses run anywhere in the world for people who specialise in HIV, STIs and Sexual Health, and is the only such Masters program offered in Australia. Our courses are taught by experts in their field who are recognised internationally for their knowledge and skills in specialist areas such as medicine, public health, counselling and laboratory diagnostics.

It is possible to complete a combined program of a Masters by coursework together with a higher degree by research (MPhil or PhD). This allows students to acquire the latest skills and knowledge, with state of the art research techniques.

Graduate opportunities

The course provides a sound basis of knowledge for those in a wide range of sexual health related professions. Graduates will be capable of performing professionally at a high level of competence in their selected pathway of learning.

Professional Recognition/accreditation

Several of the units of study are recognized as providing training for the Sexual Health curriculum of the Royal Australasian College of Medicine. Students completing the counselling stream are eligible to apply for professional accreditation with Sexology Australia and the Australian Society of Sexuality Educators, Researchers and Therapists.

Course options

  Master of Medicine (Advanced) Master of Medicine Master of Medicine/ Master of Philosophy Graduate Diploma Medicine Graduate Certificate in Medicine
Credit points 60 48 96 36 24
Duration 1.5 years full time; part-time available 1 year full time; part-time option available 2 year full time 1 year full time; part-time option available 0.5 years full time; part time option available
Delivery options Some units flexible Some units flexible Some units flexible Some units flexible Some units flexiblt
Available to

Graduates in medicine, health or a related discipline 

Only available to students who are currently enrolled in a Masters program with a Weighted Average of 75% in 24 credit points of study.

Graduates in medicine, health or a related discipline 

Graduates in medicine, health or a related discipline

International students only

Graduates in medicine, health or a related discipline Graduates in medicine, health or a related discipline

You need to complete your coursework studies in one of five streams:clinical medicine, laboratory, nursing, counselling or public health.

Short courses/Professional development

It is possible to complete almost any course as a non-award student. For more information, please visit Single Units Enrolment

Visit the Western Sydney Sexual Health website for more information on our research and education.