Non-award study (single unit enrolment)

Non-award study

You can undertake almost all units of study offered in our postgraduate courses individually as a non-award unit of study. Non-award units can be credited towards a future degree at the university (within two years of completion). Whether you are a student or practicing professional, individual units of study are an extremely useful option for developing skills in a specific area without needing to enrol in a full course of study.

Many of these courses are also accredited by Medical Colleges as Continuing Education.


Non-award units of study run as a semester length course, intensive block mode or via online delivery. Semester length courses often have after-hours options available to fit in around full time work. An intensive block is typically up to a week of full day sessions, however this will differ from course to course. Contact Sydney Medical School for details on specific programs.

Units of study available for non-award study

Breast Surgery

Established breast surgeons may choose to undertake some or all of the units and this can be negotiated on an individual basis:

Metabolic Health

The following units of study are suitable for doctors and allied health professionals with an interest in improving their skills in managing diabetes, obesity and associated cardiovascular complications in the general population as well as particular groups, such as pregnant women.

*Units of study which are suitable for medical graduates only.