Child and Adolescent Health

Study child and adolescent health at the University of Sydney


Previously paediatric medicine, Sydney Medical School's child and adolescent health program covers a broad range of case-based practical and relevant subjects, allowing clinicians to increase their understanding of how to provide the best healthcare for children.

Our programs have been developed by Sydney Medical School’s highly regarded clinical, education and research staff in the Discipline of Child and Adolescent Health, based at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, and reflect their expertise in a wide range of areas, including immunisation and child obesity.

Why study child and adolescent health with us?

  • The courses reflect the education and research expertise of experienced academics in a wide range of areas, including immunisation and child obesity
  • Our courses are offered in the format of online distance education, allowing flexible integration of your studies with your professional and personal life, and
  • Each unit is designed to provide case-based and practical learning in a range of specialist areas.

Who should study this course?

Qualified medical clinicians with a medicine degree from an accredited university, who wish to pursue a career in paediatrics or who simply wish to improve their knowledge and skills in paediatric medicine.

Graduate opportunities

Our courses offer a great number of graduate opportunities depending on what stage you are at in your career and what your future goals may be. These courses will be extremely useful for preparation for paediatric specialty training and examinations. Our courses in paediatric medicine can also be useful for those who wish to specialise in areas of medicine other than paediatrics that still require a thorough understanding of paediatric medicine, such as general practice.

Outstanding students may be able to pursue further study by research through a Doctor of Philosophy. A PhD allows students to prepare a significant body of work which represents a significant contribution in a particular area of research.

Course options