Sexual and Reproductive Health

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The University of Sydney is a global leader in postgraduate education in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health.

The Postgraduate Program in Sexual and Reproductive Health provides a diverse and inter-professional curriculum suitable for Australian and international students interested in the range of disciplines related to HIV, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), psychosexual therapy/sexology, sexual and reproductive health.

Globally, the challenges of sexual and reproductive health including HIV/STIs, infertility, and unintended pregnancy continue to be a significant public health issue. Challenges to sexual function and wellbeing also impacts on the health of individuals. Comprehensive prevention and treatment of sexual and reproductive health issues require a thorough understanding of the psycho-social contexts in which they occur as well as the biological and diagnostic aspects.

Why study sexual and reproductive health with us?
  • The program enables students to address the challenges of sexual and reproductive health through a range of units, with an option to choose one of four distinct pathways (HIV and STIs, Psychosexual Therapy, Reproductive Health and Fertility, and Public Health).
  • A wide range of electives creates the opportunity for students to further explore areas of interest.
  • The inter-professional and multi-disciplinary structure encourages students to develop effective collaborative approaches to employment in a variety of healthcare settings.
  • The program is designed to provide the maximum professional relevance, flexibility and choice.
  • The program provides opportunities for students to transition to higher degree research candidature.
Who should study this course?

This course is designed for graduates from a wide range of disciplines, including doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, counsellors, laboratory scientists, public health officers, health promotion specialists, researchers and other allied health practitioners or students who are interested in working in the field of HIV and STIs, psychosexual therapy/sexology, sexual and reproductive health.

Graduate opportunities

The Postgraduate Program in Sexual and Reproductive Health prepares graduates to work in advanced and specialist positions in sexual and reproductive health, depending on your pathway.

Career field options include:
Sexual health medicine, HIV medicine, sexual health nursing, fertility medicine, reproductive medicine, women’s health, psychosexual therapy, sexual health counselling and fertility specialists.

Course options

This program has four distinct pathways - HIV and STIs, psychosexual therapy, reproductive health and fertility and public health.

Non-award study (single unit enrolment)

It is possible to complete almost any unit of study as a non-award student. For more information, please visit Single Units Enrolment.

Visit the Western Sydney Sexual Health website for more information on our research and education.

Professional Recognition / Accreditation

Components of the degree count towards formal study requirements for the Advanced Training of the Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

Completing the Master’s in the Psychosexual Therapy Pathway meets the sexological education and training requirements for professional accreditation with the Society of Australian Sexologists and ASSERT NSW.

Royal Australasian College of Medicine Society Australian Society of Sexuality Educators, Researchers and Therapists

Student profiles

Irvin Romyco

Irvin Romyco
Master in Medicine (Advanced) in HIV, STIs and Sexual Health, commenced in 2016

"I came to study at the University of Sydney because I wanted to connect with the brightest minds and leading experts in the field of HIV, STIs and Sexual Health. At Sydney Medical School, I learned from experts and industry guest speakers about their management, latest research and evidence-based medicine applicability in the related areas."

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"The course is well integrated and covers all aspect of HIV, STIs and Sexual Health, from the program and management of the Australian health system and networks, to the grassroots level of the field perspective such as social workers outreach programs.

The school offers approachable lecturers and a supportive learning environment. The course also expanded my area of interests into research and public health, as their approach is beneficial and will be applicable once I return to my home country, Indonesia."

I have been able to integrate education about the neurobiological underpinnings of behaviour, mental health and cognition into my work with people across the spectrum of illness. Patients report feeling empowered and that their functional capacity and quality of life have improved. It’s been very rewarding to be part of the process."

Chantelle Otten

Chantelle Otten
Master of Science in Medicine (Advanced) (HIV, STIs and Sexual Health)
Winner of the Best poster Presentation on Female Sexual Medicine, 19th Congress of the European Society for Secual Medicine

"I chose to study at the University of Sydney because it offered a qualification in sexual health and distance learning, which was appealing to me as I was living between Melbourne and Amsterdam.

What I enjoyed most was that the academics and coordinators were accessible and encouraged students to pursue their own career direction based on their individual skills – whether that be in private practice, education, pure science or sexual health centres."

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"The ‘Placement’ unit subject allowed me to be mentored and taught by Dr Ingrid Pinas, Gynaecologist Sexologist in Netherlands, an excellent teacher and role model of mine. I would have never met her without a placement subject."