Research Training

Sydney Medical School is dedicated to improving health through excellence in research, creating new knowledge and fostering innovation. Our postgraduate research programs span a wide spectrum of medicine, from the molecular basis of disease to public health measures and epidemiology. Our reseach is focused on both discovery and translating new discoveries into improved health care.

With over 1600 active reseachers at the Sydney Medical School, prospective students have a very large amount of choice in finding research projects that are close to their interests and career ambitions, and have at their disposal the full range of enabling disciplines across the Sydney Medical School.

Key facts about our research

  • Sydney Medical School was rated 5 (the highest rating) in the Excellence in Research for Australia outcomes for medical and health sciences in 2010, 2012 and 2015.
  • Sydney Medical School was the highest funded institution for clinical science research in 2013, with $160 million income for research and fellowships.
  • There are more than 1600 active researchers.
  • Roughly 1100 higher research students were enrolled as of 2013, graduating more than 200 PhD students per year
  • There were more than 3000 publications in 2013
  • Recognised as above world standard in health and medical research by the Excellence in Research for Australia (2012)

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Research training programs

Sydney Medical School, incorporating the Sydney School of Public Health and the School of Medical Sciences, offers research degrees for both medical and non-medical graduates.

The research degrees have two purposes; one to prepare a substantial piece of work representing a significant contribution in a particular field of study, and the other to train candidates in general research methodology and equip them with transferable research skills.

For more information on how to apply, please visit how to apply page.

Higher Doctoral Degrees

The Doctor of Medical Science (DMedSc) is a higher doctoral degree which is awarded to long career alumni who have achieved a high status and contributed a significant body of literature in their respective medical field. It is awarded by published works which, in the opinion of examiners and the Sydney Medical School, have been generally recognised by scholars in the particular field of expertise as a distinguished contribution to knowledge.
*Doctor of Medical Science is not a research training degree.

To apply for the DMedSci, download and fill out the application form and return it to Student Services at the Edward Ford Building, A27, Camperdown campus (see map).