How to Find a Research Supervisor and Project

Your application for admission to a research degree must include an Agreement of Supervisor form, so it is essential to find a supervisor before you submit your application.

Find a Researcher

Sydney Medical School's Find a Researcher database is an excellent resource for information about researchers' current projects and areas of interest.

Research Supervisor Connect

Research Supervisor Connect contains detailed information about supervisors and projects from disciplines, schools and associated research institutes of the University of Sydney.

You can search for research opportunities by keywords, including broad or specific areas of interest, supervisors’ names and names of institutes.

Opportunities that match your query will be displayed, containing links to more information about the project, the supervisor, the research location and related opportunities.

You can submit an enquiry for any listed project which will be directed to the relevant contact person. You can also submit a general enquiry.

Contact the Postgraduate Coordinator

You can also make contact with the postgraduate co-ordinator of the discipline in which you wish to study in order to discuss potential research topics, ensure that appropriate research facilities are available and to find out about potential supervisors with expertise in the relevant field.

A postgraduate co-ordinator is an academic staff member who approves research degree applications and provides academic guidance and support to all the research students enrolled in a particular academic discipline. Our current postgraduate co-ordinators are listed below by school and research discipline or unit.


Postgraduate Co-ordinator

Administration Contact

School of Medical Sciences (including Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Psychiatry)

Associate Professor Frank Lovicu

Yvonne Smythe

Brain and Mind Research Institute (BMRI)

Dr Daniel Brown

Trudy Stone

Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology

Associate Professor Mark Gorrell


Children's Medical Research Institute

Associate Professor Tracy Bryan


Central Clinical School/ Woolcock Institute of Medical Research

Associate Professor Allison Abendroth 

David Baxter

Heart Research Institute

Dr Christina Bursill 


Northern Clinical School/ Kolling Institute

Dr Carolyn Scott

Burcu Karlsson

Concord Clinical School/ ANZAC

Dr Victoria Cogger

Vicky Skleparis

Children's Hospital at Westmead Clinical School

Dr Nicholas Wood

Denise Yuille

Nepean Clinical School

Dr Alison Poulton

Westmead Clinical School

Associate Professor Steve Vucic

Naomi Muir

School of Public Health (including NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, George Institute, Rural Health)

Associate Professor James Gillespie

Susan Martinez