There are a number of unique scholarship opportunities available to high-achieving students at Sydney Medical School. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and any other criteria stipulated for the individual scholarship.
*Not all scholarships are offered in any one year.

International students

Sydney Medical School is committed to helping our students in any way we can. This ranges from a number of AusAid scholarships for students from all over the world in courses like International Public Health, Master of HIV, STIs and Sexual Health/Master of Philosophy and International Ophthalmology, which are specifically tailored toward those who wish to work in the developing world. More information on the range of scholarships available to international students can be found on the University International Scholarships page.

Meet our students

Audy Ariana, Indonesia Master of International Public Health
Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education scholarship holder
"I had the privilege of learning from the experts in the area of international public health, as well as meeting friends from various backgrounds who each had remarkable experiences to share, teaching me valuable life-lessons."

Luan Dinh Vu, Vietnam Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine
Australia Awards scholarship holder
"Growing up in dengue fever endemic areas, I have witnessed most children in my neighbourhood, including my friends, my younger brother and sister, and even myself, suffer from dengue fever infection. That is what drew me to dengue studies."