Director of Postgraduate Surgical Education for the Discipline of Surgery

Biography of Professor Pierre Chapuis, Director of Postgraduate Surgical Education

Professor Pierre Chapuis

Pierre Chapuis graduated from the University of Queensland in 1969 and obtained his FRACS in 1975. In 1976 he travelled to the United Kingdom for advanced surgical training with registrar posts in Wales and Scotland and later as a post-graduate student at St Mark’s Hospital, London and the Centre Leon Berard in Lyon, France. In July, 1978 Pierre Chapuis returned to Sydney as a Fellow in Coloproctology at the Edward Wilson Colon and Rectum Unit Sydney Hospital and as First Assistant to Mark Killingback at the Sydney Adventist Hospital.

In 1979 Pierre was appointed Senior Research Fellow in the University Department of Surgery, at Concord Hospital and in 1982 was awarded the John Loewenthal Research Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons to complete his research on aspects of the natural history of colorectal cancer under the supervision of Professor M T Pheils. In 1984 he graduated Doctor of Surgery for a thesis entitled "a clinicopathological study of large bowel cancer" awarded by the University of Queensland. He then entered full time surgical practice as a member of the Colorectal Unit at Concord Hospital and was promoted to Senior Lecturer in Surgery at Sydney University. In 1993 he was again promoted to Associate Professor within the University Department of Surgery at Concord Hospital.

Pierre is Project Manager for the Concord Hospital Colorectal Cancer Health Outcomes & Values Research Project and is a foundation member of the Colorectal Surgical Society of Australia and New Zealand.

His clinical and research interests focus on prognostic factors and the multidisciplinary care of patients with colorectal cancer. He has a special interest in the endoscopic palliation of patients with advanced rectal cancer.

Pierre is kept busy with teaching in the Graduate Medical Program at the Sydney Medical School and as Director of Post-graduate Surgical Education within the Discipline of Surgery and Head of Academic Surgery, Concord Clinical School, Faculty of Medicine and Health at Sydney University.