Associate Professor Margaret Schnitzler

Associate Professor
Surgery, Northern Clinical School

E25 - Royal North Shore Hospital
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

T: +61 2 9926 7113


2010 | 2009


  • Schnitzler, M. (2010), Management Challenges Following Rectal Cancer Treatment. In: When Cancer Crosses Disciplines: A Physician's Handbook. (pp.465-486).London, UK: Imperial College Press.


  • Warusavitarne, J., McDougall, F., de Silva, K., Barnetson, R., Messina, M., Robinson, B., Schnitzler, M. (2009), Restoring TGFbeta function in microsatellite unstable (MSI-H) colorectal cancer reduces tumourigenicity but increases metastasis formation. International journal of colorectal disease. 24(0), 139-44. [Abstract]
  • Shanley, S., Fung, C., Milliken, J., Leary, J., Barnetson, R., Schnitzler, M., Kirk, J. (2009), Breast cancer immunohistochemistry can be useful in triage of some HNPCC families. Familial cancer. 8(3), 251-5. [Abstract]