Contacts for Current Students

For enquiries that do not fall into the categories listed below please contact:

Prof Pierre Chapuis

Ms Jayne Seward
Discipline Support Officer:
9351 2400

For enquiries regarding Contact
Changes to candidature including suspensions, enrolments,
credits and exemptions, changes
to residency status, award of degrees,
discontinuations, terminations.

Postgraduate Student Administration Unit
Edward Ford Building (A27)
University of Sydney   NSW 2006

Phone: +61 2 9351 3132
Fax: +61 2 9351 8529

Special consideration

Applications for special consideration and special arrangements are managed by the University’s Student Administration Services (SAS). Visit the SAS web pages for information on eligibility and how to apply online.

For updates during the semester, please contact your Unit of Study Coordinator.
Unit of study outlines
Grades & transcripts, Graduations, Fees and HECS, Student Records

Student Administration
Level 3, Jane Foss Russell Building (G02)
University of Sydney   NSW 2006

Phone: +61 2 8627 8200
Fax: +61 2 8627 8279

You can visit the Student Administration website for more contact details.

Degree Coordinators

Title Name Email Phone
Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator -
MS(Coursework), Grad Cert in Surgicai Sciences
Prof Pierre Chapuis +61 2 9351 3358
Post Doctorate Coordinator -
Prof Pierre Chapuis +61 2 9351 3358

Unit of Study Coordinators





Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator

Prof Pierre Chapuis   9351 3358

SURG5001 Practical research Methods for Surgeons I

Prof Marc Gladman

9767 6846
0418 714 007

SURG5003 Practical research Methods for Surgeons II

Prof Marc Gladman

9767 6846
0418 714 007

SURG5011 Imaging Surgical Patients Dr Raffi Qasabian 9351 3358
SURG5012 Surgical Metabolism  A/Prof Vincent Lam  9845 6976 
SURG5013 Safety in Surgery  Prof John Cartmill  9850 4014
SURG5034 Surgical Anatomy: Based RACS Part I

Dr. Lindsay Wing

9351 3358 


SURG5035 Surgical Research and Evaluation

Dr. Kerry Hitos



SURG5036 Surgical Research, Traslation & Innovation



Dr. Kerry Hitos




SURG5016 Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Dr Raffi Qasabian 9351 3358
SURG5017 Microsurgery A/Prof Graham Gumley Please direct all enquiries to the Surgery Office on 9351 2400
SURG5020 Advanced Laparoscopic Abdominal Anatomy 

A/Prof Arthur Richardson

A/Prof Vincent Lam

9519 7576

9845 6976

SURG5021 Transplantation Immunobiology


Dr Alexandra Sharland

9351 2897
SURG5022 Principles & Practise of Transplantation Dr Alexandra Sharland
Prof Richard Allen
9351 2897
9515 5416
SURG5025 Advanced Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery A/Prof Arthur Richardson
A/Prof Vincent Lam

9519 7576
9845 6976


Whole Body Dissection I

Prof George Ramsey-Stewart  




Whole Body Dissection 2

Prof George Ramsey-Stewart




Whole Body Dissection 3

Prof George Ramsey-Stewart





Whole Body Dissection 4

Prof George Ramsey-Stewart





Surgical Skills & Practical Professionalism

Prof Marc Gladman

Dr Michael Suen



Physiology & Pharmacology for Surgeons

Prof Peter Kam