Dissertation information

The dissertation is based on a piece of research work that has direct relevance to your speciality in surgery. It should be a formal academic composition which clearly states the context and importance or relevance of the subject matter, specifies the research question(s) or aim(s), outlines existing knowledge which has a bearing on the research, describes methods used and results obtained, critically discusses these in the light of existing knowledge, and ends with the formulation of conclusions and/or recommendations.

The expected length varies according to the approach and subject matter, but the main text should not usually be longer than about 20,000 words (60 to 100 pages depending on type style and spacing).

How the dissertation units work

SURG5007 Dissertation A and SURG5008 Dissertation B are the two units that you must enrol in whilst working on your dissertation. That is, it is anticipated that candidates will work on a specified research project under their supervisor during both parts A and B of the dissertation unit.

Students must enrol in Dissertation A prior to, or concurrent with, Dissertation B and be enrolled in Dissertation B in order to submit their dissertation. Your dissertation is due for submission on the census date following the semester in which you enrol in Dissertation B:


 Enrolment in Dissertation B Date due 
 Semester 1 31st August same year
 Semester 2 31st March following year

If a student is not able to submit his/her dissertation after enrolling in 18 credit points of dissertation units of study, he/she must re-enrol in a minimum of 9 credit points of dissertation units of study, with the concomitant financial liability, for the next available semester according to the anticipated submission date.

Enrolment in Dissertation A and B

You only enroll in Dissertation A (SURG5007) once.

After enrolling in Dissertation B your project will need to be submitted by the appropriate due date (i.e. 31st August or 31st March). If you cannot complete your work by the due date you may then do one of two things:

1. Re-enrol in Dissertation B again the following semester (with the concomitant financial liability), or

2. Suspend your candidature until ready to submit the work by the next appropriate due date. This is done via the Sydney Student portal/My studies/Course details and click on the link to suspend.

Dissertation guidelines, registration & submission requirements

The dissertation guidelines, submission requirements and cover sheet are accessible below. Please note that all enquiries regarding the dissertation should be directed towards your supervisor in the first instance, or the Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator - Prof Pierre Chapuis.

Prior to enrolling in Dissertation A and B, please complete and email the Dissertation Registration Form to Farida Bolano in the Discipline of Surgery, farida.bolano@sydney.edu.au.