Degree requirements

 Graduate Diploma in Surgery

Degree Requirements
The degree requirements for the Graduate Diploma in Surgery are listed here and explained in detail below.


Let's go through what each of these requirements mean in turn.

Requirement 1: 36 credit points

What are credit points?
Each unit of study is worth a certain number of ‘credit points’, depending on the level at which it is taught and the amount of work required. Most units of study are worth 6 credit points, but there are significant exceptions of which you must take note.

How do I get 36 credit points?
The standard course progression for students enrolling in the Graduate Diploma in Surgery from 2008 is:


Requirement 2: Complete PUBH5018 Introductory Biostatistics

Every Graduate Diploma student must enrol in and complete Introductory Biostatistics, offered by the School of Public Health, at some point in their candidature.

Requirement 3: Complete 5 primary electives

Students must complete 5 of the primary elective units of study available from the following list:

  • SURG5001 Development & Measurement of Surgical Health Outcomes 1
  • SURG5003 Development & Measurement of Surgical Health Outcomes 2
  • SURG5011 Imaging Surgical Patients
  • SURG5012 Surgical Metabolism
  • SURG5013 Safety in Surgery
  • SURG5015 Surgical Anatomy: Based on Dissection
  • SURG5016 Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
  • SURG5017 Microsurgery
  • SURG5020 Advanced Laparoscopic Abdominal Anatomy
  • SURG5021 Transplantation Immunobiology
  • SURG5022 Principles & Practice of Transplantation