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The Discipline of Surgery keeps a copy of all dissertations submitted by Master of Surgery (by Coursework) students. Dissertations submitted for higher research degrees are held in Rare Books at Fisher Library.

The dissertations listed below are available for loan to all staff, current and future students for 6 hours on campus only (10am-4pm, Monday-Friday). Please contact Farida Bolano in advance to arrange a time to access the library.

Farida Bolano

The dissertations are listed here by speciality:

Breast Surgery




Primary Supervisor

Al Sharif, Salma Impact of Internal Mammary Lymph Nodes Status on Adjuvant Therapy for Breast Cancer - Opinions of Medical and Radiation Oncologists 2010 Andrew Spillane
Ashraf, Muhammad Effect of bariatric surgery on type II diabetes mellitus in obesity 2013 Michael R Cox
Chan, Belinda Genetic Biomarkers and clinical outcomes in phyllodes tumours of the breast 2013 Sandra O'Toole
Hwang, Sang The Intercostobrachial Nerve In Axillary Dissection For Breast Cancer 2013 Sanjay Warrier
Loh, Seow Investigating the use of immunohistochemical markers in differentiating benign from malignant papillary lesions of the breast 2012 Sandra O'Toole
Saremi, Shahram Ghahri Mastectomy versus Lumpectomy in one of the Australian Rural Hospitals 2010 Martin Jones
Sood, Samriti Consecutive series of nipple-sparing mastectomy with implant reconstruction: early experience with clinical outcomes at the Westmead breast cancer institute and associated private hospitals 2013 Elisabeth Elder James French
Warrier, Sanjay Kumar Claudin1 is a novel transcriptional target of hedgehog signaling and predicts for poor outcome in breast cancer 2013 James May
Yunaev, Michael Oncoplastic breast surgery training: an Australian perspective 2012 James May

Cardiothoracic Surgery




Primary Supervisor

Fong, Laura Association of Na+ - K+ -ATPase-β1- subunit Glutathionylation and Outcomes After coronary Artery Bypass Grafting 2013 Gemma Figtree
Habibi, Reza Blood Conservation Strategy In Cardiac Surgery At Liverpool Hospital 2009-2012: A Retrospective Audit Of Postoperative Bleeding And Transfusion Requirements. 2013 Rebecca Dignan

Rahnavardi Azari, Mohammad

Pulmonary thomboendarterectomy for chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension 2011 Paul Bannon

Colorectal Surgery




Primary Supervisor

Abdelmalek, Peter Technical and clinical skills acquisition in general surgical SET training 2011 Christopher Young

Adusumilli, Sanjay

Lower gastro intestinal bleeding and the role of mesenteric embolisation in the management of acute haemorrhage 2012 Nimalan Pathmanathan
Al-Mozany Glenie, Nagham Barriers to the management of obstructed defecation in Australia and New Zealand 2013 Michael Solomon

Azimi, Farhad

LDH in melanoma 2012 Robyn Saw
Byrne, Christopher Patient Preferences for Surgical Treatment Options in Inflammatory Bowel Disease 2005 Michael Solomon

Cheung, Henry

Does laparoscopic resection achieve similar pathological outcomes in comparison with open resection for rectal carcinoma : First Australasian restrospective study 2012 Anil Keshava

Cho, Jin

A reliability study of three tumour regression grades for rectal cancer treated with pre-operative radiotherapy 2011 Jane Young
El-Khoury, Toufic The Role of Lateral Non-Mesorectal Sentinal Lymph (LNMSL) Node Biopsy in the Management of Rectal Cancer: Feasibility Study (phase II trial) and Literature Overview 2009 Michael Solomon
Jane Young
Gett, Rohan Faecal Incontinence and the Role of Silicone Implants in Treatment 2008 David Gyorki
Habib, Miriam Evidence-Based Practice and its Association with Clinical Outcome in Colorectal Cancer: A Population-Based Study 2007 Michael Solomon
Ho, Yui Ming
Prevention of parastomal hernia
2014 Dr Stephen Smith
Hong, Jonathan Uncertainty in decision making when using radiotherapy in the treatment of rectal cancer 2012 Christopher Young
Kabir, Shahrir Wide Field Endoscopic Mucosal Resection For Advanced Mucosal Neoplasia Of The Rectum: Efficacy And Outcomes 2013 Toufic El-Koury
Kaur, Gagandeep The Short and Medium Outcomes of Anal Fistula Plug Therapy 2010 Christopher Young
Keshava, Anil A Non Surgical Means of Faecal Diversion 2010 Michael Solomon
Koh, Cherry Anorectal Physiology Score in Faecal Incontinence 2008 Christopher Young
Koshy, Anil Accuracy of pre-operative techniques to localize colorectal lesions; Systematic review and meta-analysis 2009 Jane Young
Kozman, Mathew Laparoscopic colorectal surgery is safe and may be beneficial in patients eighty years or age and over 2013 Daniel Kozman

Krishnan, Surya

Lower urinary tract and bowel function following endometriosis surgery 2012 Andrew Korsa
Kwok, Kelvin Surgical predictors of recurrence requiring repeat bowel resection in Crohn's disease 2010 Michael Solomon
Lee, Peter What is the best surgical technique for complex fistula in ano? LIFT or MAF. Literature overview and pilot study 2012 Christopher Young
Lyon, Alison What are the barriers to implementation and functioning of enhanced recovery after surgery programmes? 2012 Michael Solomon
MacDermid, Ewan Decision-Making with Rectal Anastomoses and Defunctioning Stomas 2010 Christopher Young
Malouf, Phillip Long-term outcomes of laparoscopic rectal resection in a lovcal area setting: a controlled cohort 2014 Kerry Hitos
Morton, Jonathon Distal intestinal obstruction syndrome (DIOS) in patients with cystic fibrosis after lung transplantation 2013 R.V Lord

Phan-Tien, Kim-Chi

Non-technical error: Analysis of the Incident Information Management System (IIMS) reports in the Sydney Southwest Area Health Service over a one-year period 2011 Scott Mackenzie
Rangiah, David Laryngo-pharyngeal reflux and gastro-oesophageal reflux: A comparative quality of life study after laparoscopic fundoplication 2007 Michael Solomon
Saul, Karen Triple Tributary Ligation and Quality of Life after Sacrectomy 2010 Michael Solomon
Smith, Stephen Long Term Functional Outcomes following Laparoscopic Rectopexy for the treatment of Rectal Prolapse 2006 Michael Solomon
Suen, Michael Surgeon preference study on stent versus surgery in colorectal obstruction 2011 Christopher Young

Tabassum, Azra

Development of perianal sepsis index (PASI) 2012 Christopher Young
Tang, Robert Wai Kit Predictors and outcomes of image-guided drainage for colonic deverticulatr abscesses: A systematic review and meta-analysis 2013 Guy Eslick, Michael Cox
Turner, Catherine The relative mobidity of vaginal delivery compared with elective caesarean section: The views of pregnant women and clinicians 2007 Michael Solomon
Wong, Shing Wai Cure, Continence and Quality of Life after treatment for Fistula-in-Ano 2007 Michael Solomon
Yen, Aileen The role of laparoscopic lavarge in the management of perforated diverticulitis: A systematic review 2012 Guy Eslick
Yeo, David Diagnostic Accuracy of PET/CT for Localisation and Characterisation of Colorectal Liver Metastases 2008 Michael Solomon
Young, Christopher The Role of Self-Expanding Metallic Stent Placement in the Management of Large Bowel Obstruction 2006 Michael Solomon

Endocrine Surgery




Primary Supervisor

Chang, Ling-Yun Sutureless Total Thyroidectomy - A Safe and Cost Effective Alternative 2009 Mark Sywak
O'Neill, Christine BRAFV600E Mutation in Papillary Thyroid Cancer: Impact on Disease Outcomes and The Need for Re-operative Surgery in an Australian Context 2010 Mark Sywak
Wang, Laura Level VII is an important component of central neck dissection for papillary thyroid cancer 2013 Leigh Delbridge
Thompson, Andrew Risk factors in thyroid cancer and the development of a pre-operative nomogram for the prediction of central compartment lymph node metastases in papillary thyroid cancer 2012 Mark Sywak

Hand Surgery




Primary Supervisor

Al Shehri, Abdulhakim

Function and appearance following reconstruction of Wassel type IV thumb duplication 2012 Michael Tonkin
Kapila, Shivam The Hand Assessment Pro-forma: Bridging the gap between emergency department examination and operative findings 2010 Dihn Chen
Langbart, Marc A2 pulley integrity and the strength of flexor tendon repair: A biomechanical study in a chicken model 2012 Constantine Glezos

Head & Neck




Primary Supervisor

Aquilina, Peter An Investigation into Patient & Professional Delays in the Diagnosis of Head & Neck Cancer 2007 Jane Young
Choi, Vincent Oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma: The influence of comorbidities on the outcomes of free flap reconstruction 2012 Jonathan Clark
Han, Por Shee
Predicting articulation deficits in oral defects
2014 Jonathan Clark  
Lee, Gary Oral and Oropharyngeal Cancer Incidence and Mortality in NSW between 1996–2008 2013 Stephen Cox
Shaw, Douglas Sentinel node biopsy for high risk cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma 2011 Jonathan Clark
Warner, Ross Microvascular free flap reconstruction following tumour ablation of the head and neck region: A 19 year review of 609 reconstructions at a single institution 2008 Christopher O'Brien


Student Title Year Primary Supervisor
Bhatia, Kartik Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) to aid subgenual cingulum target selection for deep brain stimulation in depression 2011 James May
Cheung, Nicholas Long-term outcomes of posterior lumbar interbody fusion for spondylolisthesis 2013 Richard Ferch
Damodaran, Omprakash Glioblastoma in elderly Australian patients: is there a role for aggressive management? 2013 James May
Davidson, Andrew A Study of the Characteristics of Cranial Dural Arteriovenous Malformations Associated with Adverse Outcome from Treatment 2006 Michael Morgan
Mahindu, Antony Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Haemorrhage: The Northern Sydney and Central Findland Experiences 2006 Michael Morgan
Pandey, Ramesh A novel method of atlanto-axial fixation using multi-axial C1 posterior arch screws: A biomechanical and bone density analysis 2010 William Sears
Winder, Mark Factors Determining the Neurosurgical Management of Unruptured Incidental Cerebral Aneurysms less than 10mm 2006 Michael Morgan


Student Title Year Primary Supervisor
Aggarwal, Abhinav Patient Preference Regarding Emergency Or Planned Hip Fracture Surgery 2013 Ian Harris
Cass, Benjamin The long term outcome of elbow resection arthroplasty after failed total elbow arthroplasty 2011 David Sonabend
Chow, Jason Accuracy of Cup Position Comparing Conventional Posterior Approach to Direct Anterior Approach With and Without the Use Of Navigation 2013 William Walter
Chu, Chia-Chi Venous thromboembolism in trauma orthopaedic patients with lower limb injuries 2011 John Fletcher
Chinnappa, Jason Is there a learning curve with use of patient-specific guides in total knee arthroplasty surgery 2014 Samuel MacDessi
Hoffman, Rebekah Financial burden of post operative complications following elective joint replacement 2013 Naylor Hoffman
Irani, Mazyar Use of tranexamic acid in total hip arthroplasty: A meta-analysis 2013 Pierre Philippe Aubin
Lim, Hyeung The Level Of Randomized Trial Support For Orthopaedic Surgical Procedures 2013 Ian Harris
Padmasekara, Gayan Local infiltration analgesia in total knee arthroplasty: A systematic review and meta analysis 2011 Jane Young

Sivakumar, Brahman

The utility of blood cultures for assessment of early postoperative fever in neck of femur fracture surgery 2011 Michael Ottley
Stephen, Raviraj Acute Uncomplicated Haematogenous (Staphylococcal) Osteomyelitis in Childhood - Uncovering the Evidence for Rational Antibiotic Therapy 2010 Sydney Nade
Suthersan, Mayuran A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Local Infiltration Analgesia (LIA) for Total Knee Replacement Surgery 2013 Richard Freihaut
Yeh, Rudy Single wrap screws quantitatively increasing operative time 2013 Bradley Seeto


Student Title Year Primary Supervisor
Bhatia, Daman Deep Singh Proposal of a New Method for Objective Endoscopic Assessment of The Minimal Cross Sectional Area at The Nasal Valve Using Digital Imaging 2014 Richard J. Harvey
Gordon, Dan The predictive value of promontory electrical stimulation testing in cochlear implantation 2008 William Gibson
Gunaratne, Dakshika Repair of spontaneous sphenoid sinus cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhoea using a pedicled naso-septal flap 2014 Narinder Singh
Huang, Johnson Quality of Life After Retrosigmoid Craniotomy for Vestibular Schwannoma 2010 Glen Croxson
Iseli, Claire Clinical Electrocochleography in Meniere's Disease: The Value of Low Frequency Stimulus Biasing 2008 William Gibson
Jayachandra, Shruti A ten year analysis of paediatric coin ingestion in Australia 2012 Narinder Singh
Jugas, Nicholas Quality of life in vestibular schwannoma patients managed by surgical or conservative approaches 2012 Sean Flanagan
Lee, Jennifer X-ray microtomography study of otic capsule deficiencies: Three-dimensional modelling of the fissula ante fenestram 2011 Nirmal Patel
Leith, Nicholas James X-ray micro-tomography study of the hook region of cochlea: Three-dimensional modeling of the Crista Fenestra and Implication for reducing Cochlear Implant electrode Insertion trauma 2013 Nirmal Patel
Mukherjee, Payal The assessment of safety and handling of the straight research array for use as a new hearing preservation electrode 2010 William Gibson
North, Hannah Identification of new transcriptional targets of Notch signalling during the emryonic formation of inner ear sensory cells (determination of inner ear hair cells and supporting cells) 2010 Nicolas Daudet
Oey, Victoria Low-frequency biasing - a diagnostic tool for Meniere's disease? 2011 Wiliam Gibson
Osborn, Jodi Remodelling Changes Of The Upper Airway With Chronic Rhinosinusitis 2013 Richard Harvey and Raymond Sack
Parmar, Priscilla Quality of life impact of skull base surgery and septal flap reconstruction 2012 Richard Harvey
Sivasubramaniam, Rahuram Patient outcomes and satisfaction following closed reduction of fractured nose: A 10 year restrospective study 2011 Edward Chapman
Turner, Scott Metastatic Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the External Ear: Poor Outcome for a High-Risk Site 2008 Michael Veness
Walton, Joanna Cochlear nerve deficiency and auditory function in children with auditory neuropathy receiving cochlear implants 2007 William Gibson
Wang, Allen Yu-Yu The vestibular schwannoma surgery learning curve mapped by the cumulative summation test for learning curve (lc-cusum) 2013 Melville Da Cruz
Wang, Jeffrey Tzu-Yu Rates Of Revision And Device Failure In Cohchlear Implant Surgery: A 30 Year Experience 2014 Melville Da Cruz

Paediatric Surgery

Student Title Year Primary Supervisor
Alzahem, Abdulrahman Epidemiology and Injury Patterns of Motorcycle Crashes in Sydney, Australia 2005 Danny Cass
Mark Stevenson
Graig, Steven Developing a clinical protocol for the mangement of diabetic foot infections: A critical literature review and clinical audit 2012 Craig Boutlis
Hyland, Ela Rural And Metropolitan Paediatric Burns In New South Wales And The Australian Capital Territory: Does Distance Make A Difference? 2014 Andrew Holland
Menon, Seema The use of the modified Meek technique in conjuction with cultured epithelial autografts in the mamnagement of major paediatrics burns: A review of our experience 2012 Andrew Holland
Ofri, Adam Paediatric upper airway and respiratory burns: our experience over a decade 2012 Andrew Holland
Sandler, Gideon Paediatric off-road vehicle (ORV) trauma - a growing problem in New South Wales 2009 Danny Cass
Sjarif, Adrian Do Fibrocytes in Paediatric Burn Wounds Correlate with the Presence of Serum Cytokines? 2008 Andrew Holland
John Fletcher
Taylor, Nicole Dorothea Infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis: has anything changed? 2012 Andrew Holland
Wong, April Long-term outcome of asymptomatic patients with Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation 2010 Andrew Holland
Younis, Nageia Ali Mahmoud Long term outcome of abdominal wall defects 2013 Daniel Cass

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Student Title Year Primary Supervisor
Aggarwal, Shagun Low voltage electical burns due to Switchboard explosions in New South Wales - A 9 year experience 2010 Peter Maitz
Ahn, Songhun The true cost of burns injury 2011 Peter Maitz
Alsultan, Ahmed Objective measurement of normal web position and web creep in syndactyly: A pilot study 2013 Michael Tonkin
Atkinson, Richard Do-it-yourself (DIY) power tool injuries in older persons 2013 Timothy Heath, Sean Nicklin
Barker, Anthony Outcomes in free flap reconstruction 2012 Mark Ashton
Chan, Queenie The correlation between time to skin grafting and hypertrophic scarring following an acute contact burn in a porcine model 2011 Andrew Holland
Cho, Eun-Ae Animal model of chronic wound and its novel therapeutic approach 2011 Susan McLennan
Choy, Ellis A pilot study to evaluate the impact of involving breast cancer patients in the multidisciplinary discussion of their disease and treatment plan 2006 Andrew Spillane
Clarke, Fredrick Effectiveness of silver impregnated VAC upon in vitro Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm 2013 Anand Deva and Karen Vickory
Clout, Emma Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) in the treatment of partial thickness burns 2012 Peter Maitz
George, Robert In vivo absorption of silver nanoparticles through intact human skin 2013 Ian Kaplin, Naveena Gokoolparsadh
Haddad, Roger The Biomechanical Behaviour of Repaired Flexor Tendons in Zone II of the Hand 2009 William Walsh
Harish, Varun Margins of excision and prognostic factors for cutaneous eyelid melanomas 2013 John Thompson
Ilie, Vlad Early burn wound colonisation - Do we need to be afraid? 2012 Peter Maitz
Kim, Lawrence Comparison of long term outcome of intramedullary fixation versus plate and screw fixation techniques for metacarpal fractures 2011 Timothy Heath
Kim, Leo Management of paediatric burns 2010 Andrew Holland
Luo, Lisa The effect of Scaffold with and without bioglass on wound healing 2013 Alexandra Sharland, Susan McLennan
Lajevardi, Sepehr Combination of activated Protein C and topical negative pressure in management of chronic wounds 2012 John Vandervord
Morris, Owen The Keystone Island skin flap - just a bit of stretch? A pilot study 2013 Charles Douglas
Ou Yang, Owen (Shuo) Spring-Assisted Cranioplasty in the Treatment of Sagittal Craniosynostosis 2010 Damian Marucci
Pennington, Thomas Development of the murine Transverse Rectus Abdominis Musculocutaneous (TRAM) flap and its application in ischaemia-reperfusion injury studies 2012 Alex Sharland
Phoon, Alexander The development of laser-assisted microvascular anastomosis techniques in the Wistar animal rat model 2005 Peter Maitz
Saththianathan, Mayuran The role of the T lymphocyte in the wound healing of acute full thickness burns - A prospective obsercational study 2013 Peter Maitz, Kennedy
Southwell-Keely, James A Meta-analysis of Early Mobilisation Versus Bed Rest Following Split Skin Grafting to Pretibial Lacerations 2008 John Vandervord
Thornbury, Kelly Definitive airway management in facial trauma at a tertiary trauma centre: A retrospective analysis 2011 David Sherring
Tolerton, Sarah Classification of congenital anomalies of the hand and upper limb 2012 Michael Tonkin
Valente, Pedro Miguel The increased killing capacity of combing topical silver with negative pressure therapy (TNP) in an in vitro wound model 2014 Anand Deva, Karen Vickery
Zaman, Ayisha Lactate Dehydrogenase Isoenzyme 5 Expression in Primary and Sentinal Node Positive Metastatic Melanoma 2010 Robyn Saw

Surgical Oncology

Student Title Year Primary Supervisor
Akshat, Saxena Surgery, Ablation and Radioembolization for the Treatment of Advanced Cororectal Cancer Liver Matastases 2013 Lourens Bester and David Morris
Bagia, Jai Seema Diagnostic test accuracy comparison of CT during arterial portography and primovist MRI in preoperative assessment of colorectal cancer liver metastases 2013 Michael Solomon
Chang, Jared Quantitative Elisa Analysis Of Potentially Prognostic Biomarkers, Serum Amyloid Alpha And Apolipoprotein-C11 In Pancreatic Cancer Sera 2013 Ross Smith
Farrell, Rhonda Lymphadenectomy in early stage high-risk endo metrial cancer: clinical characteristics and outcomes in an Australian cohort. 2014 Jonathan Carter
Howle, Julie Merkel Cell Carcinoma: The Importance of Addressing the Regional Lymph Nodes in Clinically Node Negative Patients 2010 Michael Veness
Koh, Ju-li Carbohydrate Antigen 19.9 is an independent prognostic indicator in pseudomyxoma peritonei post cytoreductive surgery and perioperative intraperitoneal chemotherapy 2012 Winston Liauw
Lam, Tai Khoa Melanoma localized to the dermis with no epidermal component. The largest reported case series of primary dermal melanoma: Clinicopathologic review of 43 cases providing diagnostic and management guidelines 2008 John Thompson
Martin, Richard The efficacy of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) in the evaluation of patients treated with chemoradiotherapy for mucosal head and neck cancer 2007 Kerwin Shannon

Surgical outcomes

Student Title Year Primary Supervisor
Harvey, Xavier An evaluation of quality indicators for trauma care 2014 Russel Gruen
Sidhu, Verinder Singh The different characteristics and outcomes of acral and non acral melanoma of the hands and feet 2014 Jonathan Stretch


Transplant Surgery

Student Title Year Primary Supervisor
Andersen, Sean The role of common gamma chain in T cell survival and organ transplant rejection in a rat model 2010 Alex Bishop
Chung, Hsiag Renal transplantation: better fat than thin 2013 Vincent Lam
Lam, Vincent Induction of long-term cardiac allograft survival using anti-lymphocyte antibodies in the rat model 2006 Richard Allen
Reddy, Chaithanya Role of interleukin-4 and donor leucocyte transfusion in tolerance: Heart transplant rejection model in rodents 2008 Richard Allen
Rtshiladze, Michael Prevention of transplant rejection by rapid extensive expression of donor major histocompatibility complex antigen in the liver using Adeno-associated virus 2011 Alex Bishop
Taylor, Claire Effects of anti-T cell antibody treatments on cardic allograft acceptance in a rat model 2007 Alex Bishop
Yao, Jinna Renal transplantation after renal tumour excision: a systematic review 2014 Howard Lau, Vincent Lam

Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery

Student Title Year Primary Supervisor
Ashraf, Muhammed Effect of Bariatric Surgery on Type II Diabetes Mellitus in Obesity 2013 Michael Cox and Guy Eslick
Ahmed, Sulman Transcystic stenting has a role in the management of common bile duct stones 2011 Michael Cox
Bawahab, Nizar A retrospective study of the prognostic value of pathological and immunohistochemical features in tissue samples from patients with pancreatic neoendocrine neoplasms 2013 Charbel Sandroussi
Chang, David Pattern of Care Analysis of Gastric and Oesophageal Resections for Cancer 2008 Neil Merrett
Das, Amitabha Surgical Therapy for Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumours of the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract 2010 Neil Merrett
Gan, Susan Evaluating Surgery in the Management of Obesity and Obesity Related Complications: Prospective Data Analysis and Literature Review 2006 Ross Smith
Michael Talbot
Gandy, Robert Novel biomarkers for the diagnosis of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma 2010 Ross Smith
Hammed, Ahmer Hepatic Resection For Metastic Melanoma: A Systematic Review 2013 Vincent Lam
Ip, Eugenia Extended Hepatectomies can be performed with minimal morbidity and mortality 2013 Koroush Haghighi
Kamalapurkar, Deepali Index Cholecystectomy in moderate and severe acute calculous cholecystitis is feasible and safe 2013 Vincent Lam
Lehane, Christopher Robot-assisted oesophageal and gastric surgery 2012 Reginald Lord
Links, David Benchmarks of Quality of care in pancreatic cancer surgery - a paradigm shift 2013 Koroush Haghighi
Ncube, Thembekile The operative management of blunt duodenal trauma: A 20 year retrospective review of outcomes following surgical treatment of blunt traumatic duodenal injuries at Westmead Hospital 2012 Arthur Richardson
Reza, Faizur Systematic Review Surgical Resection Of Liver Metastases From Gastric Cancer 2013 Vincent Lam
Spiro, Calista Systematic Review Of Predictive Factors Of Pancreatic Leak Following Pancreaticoduodenectomy 2013 Vincent Lam
Pang, Tony Peripancreatic pseudoaneurysms: A review of current literature and management based classification system 2012 Jaswinder Samra
Tsang, Clement Retrospective case study of lung transplanted patient with reflux disease undergoing Nissen fundoplication 2010 Ross Smith


Student Title Year Primary Supervisor
Ahmadi, Nariman A 10-year histopathological audit of radical cystectomy in a single pathology centre in New South Wales, Australia 2012 Manish Patel
Chung, Amanda Photoselective vaporisation of the prostate with the 120W lithium triborate laser for the treatment of acute urinary retention 2012 Henry Woo
Doeuk, Norbert Renal Cell Carcinoma: Stage, Grade and Histology Migration and trends in surgical management over the Last 15 Years in a Large Australian Surgical Series 2009 Manish Patel
Gilbourd, Daniel Indications ofr Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy: A retrospective review of current practice 2010 Howard Lau
Haddad, Richard Six year experience of external beam radiotherapy, brachytherapy boost with a 1mCi192lr source and neoadjuvant hormonal manipulation for prostate cancer 2006 Michael Izard
Hossack, Tania Photoselective vaporization of the prostate for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia using the 120 kW GreenLight™ laser: Initial results from a prospective trial 2010 Henry Woo
Huo, Andrew Accuracy of template-guided transperineal saturation biopsy of prostate in locating prostate tumors - A comparison with radical prostatectomy specimens 2011 Phillip Stricker
Lee, Ming-Chak The benefits of local bupivacaine-adrenaline injection in primary transurethral resection of the prostate procedures 2012 Howard Lau
Lee, Siew Yi Lorna The Effectiveness of Unilateral Nephrectomy for Renal Hypertension in Adults 2007 Howard Lau
Richards, Andrew The Role of Cyclo-oxygenase 2 and its inhibitors in the transition to Androgen Independent Prostate Cancer 2006 Manish Patel
Qihan Dong
Savdie, Richard Prostate cancer: Prognostic factors and long term outcomes in high -risk disease 2012 Phillip Stricker
Su, Michael Oncologycal Characteristics Of Renal Cell Carcinoma Among Chronic Kidney Disease And Renal Transplant Patients Compared To The General Population 2013 Manish Patel
Symons, James Prostate cancer: Strategies for diagnosis and treatment of high-risk patients 2011 Phillip Stricker
Thanigasalam, Ruban Issues faced in the contemporary management of prostate cancer 2008 Manish Patel
Qihan Dong
Won, Chuk Moon (Andy) Does local treatment of the primary prostate cancer give palliative benefit to men who later develop advanced prostate cancer? 2011 Manish Patel
Yeh, Dean Management Of Acute Diverticulitis Between General And Colorectal Surgeons At Wollongong Hospital – Is There A Difference? 2013

Vascular & Endovascular Surgery

Student Title Year Primary Supervisor
Bourke, Victor Charles The influence of procedural variables on silent brain injury during awake carotid endarterectomy detected by diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging 2013 Mike Stacey
Banerjee, Nayana Regional assessment of foot perfusion after tibial artery angioplasty 2012 Ramon Varcoe
Cassorla, Gabriel Polarization of monocytes in atherosclerosis 2012 John Fletcher
Kahn, Mohammed Aasimuddin Use Of Inferior Vena Cava Filters In Routine Hospital Practice, Has Anything Changed? 2014 James May
Lee, Regent Redefining the Role of Monocytes in Intimal Hyperplasia 2008 John Fletcher
Li, Yan Yan The relationship between inflammatory cells, fibrocytes and hypertrophic scar to timing of debridement and grafting of paediatric burn wounds 2011 Heather Medbury
Liu, Jenny Effects of diet on atherosclerotic plaque composition and morphology in the macgreen atherosclerotic mouse model 2009 Heather Medbury
Rossiter-Thornton, Michael Results of a retrospective, multicentre trial of covered stents in the iliac arteries 2012 John Fletcher
Stewart, Nathan Does the Monocyte Transform into a Smooth-Muscle Like Cell in a Mouse Wound Model? 2008 John Fletcher
Varcoe, Ramon The Circulating Progenitor in Intimal Hyperplasia: Could it be the Fibrocyte? 2004 John Fletcher
Ward-Harvey, Richard Ultrasound-Detected Postoperative Wound Collections and the Development of Wound Complications After Vascular Surgical Procedures 2010 John Harris
Zahid, Assad Drug eluting balloon technology in reducing intervention rates to stenotic AVF lesions 2014 John Swinnen  
Yang, Mark Cerebral Protection Device Filtrate Analysis after Carotid Stenting: A Histological and Immunohistochemical Evaluation 2013 Raymond Vascoe and W Walsh