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Research Leader: A/Prof Matthew Rickard

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Concord Colorectal Unit Research (CURe)

The Concord Colorectal unit is an international centre of excellence in the practice of colorectal surgery, in particular, the training of specialist surgeons in the full range of open, laparoscopic and robotic procedures and in the delivery of best practice care for both patients and their families, especially those suffering from large bowel cancer.

This is empowered by the work of the Concord Colorectal Cancer Registry which has had a leading role in the investigation of the staging and reporting of colorectal cancer and in the development, standardisation, statistical verification and promulgation of the Australian Clinicopathological Staging Classification of CRC, one of 6 internationally recognised staging classifications endorsed by the NHMRC.

This work together with numerous publications concerning the natural history, the influence of independent prognostic factors and the survival of patients treated for CRC is the basis for the Unit’s regular MDT meetings. They provide the milieu to discuss the complexities of individual patient care and the consideration for adjuvant therapy. In addition, the Registry remains a rich source of information for postgraduate research for both MD students and those advanced trainees wishing to undertake a PhD or higher doctorate studies.

The colorectal unit also undertakes extensive research in benign colorectal diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease and proctology.

For further information please contact A/Prof Matthew Rickard

Vascular Unit, Concord Hospital

Our unit research focuses upon innovative vascular technology, vascular surgical outcomes (especially in older patients) and surgical education. We have current projects on endoanchors for EVAR, measuring vascular outcomes with data-linkage, patient-centred outcomes and experiences in vascular disease. Our unit works closely in collaboration with the Geriatrics unit at Concord Hospital, the Centre for Education and Research in Ageing and the Ageing and Alzheimers Association. Researchers within out unit have received grant funding from the Vascular Foundation, RACS college, Sydney Medical Foundation and University of Sydney.

For further information please contact A/Prof Sarah Aitken