Our Policies

Reviewing Policy

As a publication dedicated to ethical inquiry the JBI is dedicated to formulating clear and precise guidelines and practices involving the process of peer-review. An extended discussion of our reviewing policy was printed in the JBI in issue 5(1) 2008 and it is made available here as a downloadable PDF.

In essence, this document sets out the principles and processes underlying the policy of the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry (JBI) with respect to reviewing of manuscripts for the information of editors, reviewers, authors and readers.

The document is founded on the following basic principles. Peer reviewers are individuals invited by editors to assist them in the decision making process by providing assessments of written material submitted to the JBI for publication. The objective of the reviewing process is to facilitate the development and publication of high quality material in the JBI. Reviewers are selected on the basis of their expertise, special knowledge or experience relevant to the manuscript under assessment.

Associate Editors Policy

Associate Editors are central to the function and purpose of the JBI. Through engagement with the Editor-in-Chief, the Editorial Board and the academic community, the Associate Editors guide the growth and development of the Journal and contribute to the breadth, depth and sophistication of its content. We have a policy which guides our appointment of Associate Editors which include the responsibilities entailed in the position.

If you are interested in becoming an Associate Editor of the journal please contact our Editorial Board, our Editor-in-Chief or our Managing Editor using the contact details provided.

Other Policies

We have also made available in downloadable PDFs our policies and guidelines on the proposal of thematic symposia and special issues.