Exploratory research

Symposia are intended to provide a focus for specific issues in a less extended forum than a thematic or special issue. Symposia allow for exploratory discussions of issues that are pressing or are foremost in the public consciousness; they provide a means for the detailed re-examination of ‘old’ issues through different methodological or disciplinary lenses; they provide a first step for academics to learn valuable editorials skills; and they provide access to new and diverse readerships. The main difference between a symposium and a thematic issue is that the former does not aim for the same kind of depth made possible in the extended format. Rather, they are intended to spark further debate and bring together disparate voices working in related areas. Symposia are intended to provide a means to attract authors of international standing and/or papers of academic excellence. It is the view of the Editorial Board of the JBI that symposia are, for the reasons outlined above, an important part of the JBI and that the journal should aim to include one symposium per issue, excluding special issues.

In all other respects, symposia submissions to the JBI conform to our standard requirements of a research article. If you are interested in convening a symposium please consult the PDF downloadable guidelines and return your proposal to the Editor in Chief or the Editorial Manager.