Core Academic Team

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Angus Dawson headshot

Professor Angus Dawson
Sydney Health Ethics Director

Public health ethics, research ethics, relationship between empirical evidence and moral arguments

☎ +61 2 9036 3405

Stacy Carter

Associate Professor Stacy Carter
Sydney Health Ethics Deputy Director

Public health ethics, screening and overdiagnosis, health promotion, qualitative methodology

☎ +61 2 9036 3407

Warwick Anderson headshot

Professor Warwick Anderson
Professorial Research Fellow, Department of History and Sydney Health Ethics

History of biology, medicine and public health (Australasia, Pacific, USA)

☎ +61 2 9351 3365

Chris Degeling portrait

Dr Christopher Degeling
Research Fellow

Politics and ethics of health, human-animal relations, deliberative methods

☎ +61 2 9036 6586

Claire Hooker headshot

Dr Claire Hooker
Senior Lecturer in Health Humanities

Humanities and arts perspectives on health and medicine

☎ +61 2 9036 3413 (Tue-Thur)

headshot Chris Jordens

Associate Professor Christopher Jordens
Associate Professor in Bioethics

Bioethics, sociology of health and illness, philosophy of medicine and public health

☎ +61 2 9036 3406

Ian Kerridge portrait

Professor Ian Kerridge
Professor in Bioethics and Medicine

Public health, stem cells, end-of-life care, illness experience, synthetic genomics, organ transplantation, tissue donation, drug policy

☎ +61 2 9036 3414

Wendy Lipworth headshot

Dr Wendy Lipworth
NHMRC Career Development Fellow

Ethics of biomedical innovation (drug development, regulation, biobanking, biomedical publishing)

☎ +61 2 9036 3410

Miles Little headshot

Emeritus Professor Miles Little
Sydney Health Ethics Founding Director

Medical Sociology and Biomedical Ethics

☎ +61 2 9036 3405

Julie M-S headshot

Dr Julie Mooney-Somers
Senior Lecturer in Qualitative Health Research

Equity in health and health services

☎ +61 2 9036 3412

Ainsley Newson headshot

Associate Professor Ainsley Newson
Associate Professor of Bioethics

Decision-making in genetics, genetics and public health, clinical ethics, synthetic biology

☎ +61 2 9036 3409

Andrea Smith

Andrea Smith
Senior Lecturer in Qualitative Research

Tobacco control

☎ +61 2 9036 3412