Health & Medical Humanities

Health & Medical Humanities (formerly Medical Humanities) is a specialisation within the Sydney School of Public Health's Bioethics Program. The Health & Medical Humanities specialisation allows you to explore the humanistic side of health care, from arts and health to history and literature. Whether you work in health care or not, the Health & Medical Humanities gives you unique critical perspectives derived from new humanities research, and the opportunity to tailor your program to explore your specific interests and improve your practice.

Health & Medical Humanities serves three important goals:

  • supporting academic research that understand and invigorate health and medicine through humanities perspectives, such as history, literature, narrative, cultural studies, and the creative arts,
  • encouraging the interaction of medicine and the creative arts, supporting doctors, health care workers and public health promoters in taking critical and creative approaches to their work, and supporting projects in creative arts and reflective practice,
  • serving to create more compassionate, more communicative doctors and health practitioners, to lead to better health outcomes for patients and communities, and to strengthen an ethical and compassionate society.

For more information or to discuss your ideas, please contact the Course Coordinator or visit the Sydney Bioethics Program.