For Future Research Students

VELiM offers a limited number of positions for postgraduate research candidates in most years, but because the Centre’s resources are limited, its selection processes are competitive. Before accepting students at VELiM we try to make sure that we provide the ‘best fit’ for a student wanting to do a higher degree. For these reasons, we ask you to consider the following information about our application process, and the expectations we have of our postgraduate research students, before applying.

During your candidature, you will be expected to undertake the following:

  1. Attend the Postgraduate Seminars run by VELiM;
  2. Meet regularly with your supervisor and co-supervisors for assessment of your progress, including your methodology, literature review, data collection, data analysis and writing; and
  3. Complete regular PhD/Masters progress reports.

The following are also available to enhance your PG education and enable your participation in the academic community at VELiM:

  1. Auditing relevant postgraduate lectures, seminars and teaching sessions that may be relevant to your work. (The choice of unit of study should be chosen in consultation with your PhD supervisor(s);
  2. Participation in regular VELiM activities, including graduate teaching, regular VELiM meetings and seminars, administrative duties on sub-committees; and
  3. Attendance at PG Research Training programs offered by Sydney Medical School and by the University.

Supervision at VELiM

Prof. Warwick Anderson Professorial Research Fellow

Dr Stacy M. Carter Senior Lecturer in Qualitative Research in Health

Dr Claire Hooker Senior Lecturer in Medical Humanities

Dr Chris Jordens Senior Lecturer in Bioethics/Clinical Research Fellow

A/Prof. Ian Kerridge Associate Professor in Bioethics, Staff Haematologist / Bone Marrow Transplant Physician at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney

Prof. Miles Little Emeritus Professor of Surgery

Dr Ainsley Newson Senior Lecturer in Bioethics

Dr Julie Mooney-Somers Senior Lecturer in Qualitative Health Research

A/Prof. Michael Robertson Clinical Associate Professor, Ethics and Mental Health