Postgraduate Coursework at Sydney Health Ethics

Sydney Health Ethics offers two postgraduate coursework programs: Bioethics (ongoing) and Qualitative Health Research (until 2015). A range of units of study within these programs can also be taken independent of degree study as short courses.


The Bioethics Program is an innovative interdisciplinary postgraduate program that is concerned with ethical questions that arise in the contexts of biological and health sciences.

Dr Claire Hooker

Dr Claire Hooker, Bioethics Program Director 2017

Our Program will help you to develop the critical thinking skills needed to analyse ethical issues arising in a variety of biomedical domains. Students consider questions like these: What is bioethics and why is it important? Why is public health a moral enterprise? How should the law respond to ethical issues in health? What is ‘medicalisation’? What makes research ‘ethical’? How do we make medicines safe, effective and accessible? What are the limits of autonomy and consent? What do we owe non-human animals? Why might art transform health and healthcare?

Students can apply to enrol in a Graduate Certificate, a Graduate Diploma or a Masters degree. These qualifications are a unique way to add value to an ongoing career in health and related disciplines, or to begin to build a research career in bioethics. Courses are offered in a variety of formats to suit students with competing time demands.

Students can also structure their studies according to one of five different optional pathways leading to a specialisation in public health ethics, research ethics, clinical ethics, health humanities or bioethics research.
Please download the DISCOVER BIOETHICS flier and visit the Bioethics website for more information, including how to apply.

Qualitative Health Research

Please note: The Qualitative Health Research degree program will be phased out from 2016. It will be replaced by a range of short course options in Qualitative Research Methods. Current QHR-students will remain unaffected.

Dr Julie Mooney-Somers

Dr Julie Mooney-Somers, Qualitative Research Program Director

The Qualitative Health Research Program is Australia’s only purpose-designed postgraduate program providing qualitative research skills and knowledge in health-related fields including medicine, public health, health promotion, nursing, allied health, dentistry and health policy.

Qualitative research aims to provide a deeper knowledge of how health fits into people’s everyday lives and how health and medical organisations work. It provides evidence to policymakers, clinicians, health promotion professionals and consumers to understand the perspectives people bring to their health, the values people hold, and the actions people take.

Early career researchers and those considering a PhD will develop a solid grounding in the experience, skills and knowledge required for future research endeavours. Experienced researchers interested in advancing their career or moving into new areas will broaden and consolidate their skills, and develop new and deeper understandings of qualitative research.

Please visit the Qualitative Health Research website for more information.