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Short Courses in Qualitative Research Methods

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Qualitative Research Methods provide qualitative research skills and knowledge in health-related fields including medicine, public health, health promotion, nursing, allied health, dentistry and health policy.

By using qualitative research methods, we can gain a deeper understanding of how health fits into people’s everyday lives and how health and medical organisations work. Qualitative research provides evidence to policymakers, clinicians, health promotion professionals and consumers to understand the perspectives people bring to their health, the values people hold, and the actions people take.

Who should consider studying Qualitative Research Methods?

Early career researchers and (future) PhD candidates who complete Qualitative Research Methods units of study will develop a solid grounding in the experience, skills and knowledge required for future research endeavours. Experienced researchers interested in advancing their career or moving into new areas will broaden and consolidate their skills, and develop new and deeper understandings of qualitative research. Clinicians and other professionals working in health-related fields will build their qualitative research skills for the purposes of professional development or continuing education.

Study Formats:
All Qualitative Research Methods units of study are offered in an intensive workshop format. Please see below for available enrolment options.

Popular Qualitative Research Methods Unit of Study choices

Short course enrolment options


➣ Simple enrolment

➣ Short course fee applies

➣ No assessments

➣ No credit towards a University of Sydney degree

➣ Certificate of attendance but no academic transcript


Option 2: FORMAL ENROLMENT AND CREDIT (‘non-award’)

➣ Comprehensive enrolment

➣ Fee charged at pro-rata rate of relevant degree fee

➣ Assessment tasks must be completed

➣ Can apply for credit towards relevant U of Sydney degree

➣ Academic transcript


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