Professional Development

(Short course options)

All units of study within our postgraduate coursework programs in Health & Medical Humanities and Bioethics, and three of four core units of study in Qualitative Health Research can be taken as ‘stand-alone’ short courses by people who are not enrolled in degree programs.

These will appeal to clinicians, researchers or other professionals working in health-related fields for the purposes of professional development or continuing education.

Some units of study are offered in intensive format, usually as workshops presented over 2-4 consecutive days.

Popular choices include:
Choose from two enrolment options:

Option 1: Professional Development only
→ no assessments
→ certificate of completion but no academic transcript
→ no credit towards a University of Sydney degree
→ reduced fee
→ simple enrolment

Option 2: Formal Enrolment and Credit
→ assessments tasks must be completed
→ academic transcript and credit towards a University of Sydney degree
→ full fee
→ comprehensive enrolment

More information:

☛ ... about the
☛ ... about the Qualitative Health Research program.
☛ ... about the Health & Medical Humanities program: please contact , Health & Medical Humanities Program Co-ordinator.