Postgraduate Research at VELiM

VELiM offers a limited number of training posts for postgraduate researchers in most years, depending on the number of projects and research workers under its supervision.

The majority of PG research students at VELiM are PhD candidates, but VELiM does supervise a limited number of Master’s degree students.

Because VELiM’s resources are limited, applications usually exceed the number of research students that can be supervised at a high standard. Its selection processes are, therefore, competitive.

All those wishing to do postgraduate research at VELiM must show evidence of high academic standards. In general, we prefer an applicant to hold a Master’s degree in a relevant subject if he or she plans to undertake a PhD, although we will also consider a high Honour’s degree.

Before accepting students at VELiM we try to make sure that VELiM provides the ‘best fit’ for a student wanting to do a higher research degree.