VELiM’s research work engages with different disciplinary perspectives and focuses on health and biomedicine, and so we draw from, and publish in, a range of relevant literatures, including medicine, the humanities, social sciences, science, law, visual and creative arts, and public policy.

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The Journal of Bioethical Inquiry (JBI) is an international peer-reviewed publication, actively supported by VELiM, that encourages writing on bioethics from a wide range of approaches and disciplines.

VELiM's GUIDELINES ON COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH AND AUTHORSHIP are intended to support researchers in collaborative projects to assign authorship and resolve authorship disputes. They set out nine principles, a process for having a conversation and reaching
agreement, and a process for dealing with disputes.

VELiM strives to make its research output freely available to the public. Most of VELiM's work has therefore been self-archived in the Sydney eScholarship Repository. It can be found in the VELiM collection of open-access publications.