Program Director

A/Prof. Ian Kerridge

Sydney Researchers

Dr Jen Fleming
Dr Chris Jordens
Dr Wendy Lipworth
Emeritus Professor Miles Little
A/Prof Cameron Stewart


Dr Paula Marlton
A/Prof Di Nichol
Prof Margaret Otlowski
Prof Cathy Waldby

Research Grants

Project Title Human Oöcytes for Stem Cell Research: Donation and Regulation in Australia
Researchers Waldby C, Kerridge I, Skene L
Grant Type ARC Linkage Grant LP0882054
Duration January 2008-December 2010
Funding $215,000 over 3 years $76,000 (2008), $80,000 (2009),  $59,000 (2010)
Project Title Ethical and Legal Issues Surrounding the Decision-Making Process for Donating and Banking Umbilical Cord Blood
Researchers Kerridge I, O’Brien T, Stewart C, Jordens C, Nassar N, Ankeny R
Grant Type NHMRC Project Grant 512416
Duration January 2008-December 2010
Funding $402,000 over 3 years: $148,500 (2008), $168,500 (2009), $85,000 (2010)
Project Title An Empirical Study into the Ethical Issues Affecting Tumour (research) Banks in New South Wales
Researchers Bokey EL, Kerridge IH, Little JM, Lipworth WL
Grant Type  
Duration January 2005-December 2006


Book Chapter

Samuel G, Kerridge I, O’Brien T. ‘Ethical Issues Surrounding Umbilical Cord Blood Donation and Banking’, in Bhattacharya N and Stubblefield P (eds), Regenerative Medicine Using Pregnancy Specific Biological Substances. Springer, 2011.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

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