Bodies, Organs and Tissues

The work of the Bodies, Organs and Tissues Research Group falls into three main streams:

1. Organ Donation and Transplantation

2. Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

3. Cord Blood Banking and Donation

Program Director

A/Prof. Ian Kerridge

Sydney Researchers

Dr Stacy Carter
Dr Mitchell Lawlor
Dr Wendy Lipworth
Emeritus Prof. Miles Little
Dr Catherine Mills
Dr Julie Mooney-Somers
Ms Bronwen Morrell
Dr Estelle Noonan
A/Prof. Cameron Stewart
Prof. Cathy Waldby

Research Students

Aric Bendorf

Research Grants

2005-2006 University of Sydney Cancer Research Fund Grant An Empirical Study into the Ethical Issues Affecting Tumour (Research) Banks in New South Wales
2008 NHMRC Project Grant Ethical and Legal Issues Surrounding the Decision-Making Process for Donating and Banking Umbilical Cord Blood



Kerridge I H, Lowe, M & Stewart, C. Ethics and Law for the Health Professions (3rd ed), Federation Press: Australia, 2009.

Journal Articles

Clark G, Lipworth W, Little JM, Kerridge IH. An empirical study of tissue banking in Australia: Navigating regulatory and ethical challenges. Journal of Law & Medicine. 2006; 14(1): 102-09.