Cord Blood Banking and Donation

Program Director

A/Prof Ian Kerridge

Sydney Researchers

Dr Chris Jordens
Dr Wendy Lipworth
Dr Kim Strong
A/Prof Cameron Stewart

Research Student

Lorena Aparicio


Prof Paul Komesaroff
Dr Tracey O'Brien
Prof Peter Shaw

Research Grants

Project Title Ethical and Legal Issues Surrounding the Decision-Making Process for Donating and Banking Umbilical Cord Blood
Researchers Kerridge I, O’Brien T, Stewart C, Jordens C, Nassar N, Ankeny R
Grant Type NHMRC Project Grant 512416
Duration January 2008-December 2010
Funding $402,000 over 3 years: $148,500 (2008), $168,500 (2009), $85,000 (2010)
Project Title Towards a Best Practice of Emerging Technologies: PGD and HLA Typing for Paediatric Transplantation
Researchers Ankeny R, Shaw P, Jordens C, O’Brien T, Carter S, Kerridge I
Grant Type NSW Cancer Council Research Project Grant RG 07-16
Duration January 2007-December 2009
Funding $258,956 over 3 years: $84,790 (2007), $90,853 (2008), $83,313 (2009)



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Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

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