Infectious Diseases, Immunisation and Critical Illness

Program Director

Dr Julie Leask

Sydney Researchers

Prof Belinda Bennett
Prof Terry Carney
Prof Lyn Gilbert
Prof David Isaacs
A/Prof Ian Kerridge
Dr Chris Degeling
Dr Claire Hooker
Dr Chris Jordens
Dr Henry Kilham


Dr Nicole Gilroy
Dr Michael Selgelid

Research Grants

Project Title NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Critical Infection
Researchers Iredell JR, Sorrell TC, Gilbert GL, Kerridge I, Booy R, Dwyer DE, Webb SAR, Sintchenko V, Jones C, Bennett B
Grant Type NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence Grant No 1001021
Duration January 2011-December 2015
Funding $2,500,000.
Project Title Interdisciplinary Clinical and Health Ethics Research and Training to Improve Outcomes in Immunosuppressed Haematology Patients
Researchers Sorrell T, Bradstock K, Kerridge I, Gilbert G, Gottlieb D, MacIntyre C, Dwyer D, Ankeny R
Grant Type NHMRC Centre of Clinical Research Excellence Grant No 264625
Duration January 2005-December 2009
Funding $2,000,000.



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Journal Articles

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