Non-Human Animals and Ethics

Program Director

Dr Chris Degeling

Sydney Researchers

Dr Rob Irvine
A/Prof Ian Kerridge
Bronwen Morrell
A/Prof Melanie Rock
Cheryl Travers


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Competitive Grants

2015-2016 Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Open Operating Grant (CIHR).
Social justice and pet ownership: A qualitative inquiry to improve population health and advance public health ethics.
$342,756 CAD. Principal Investigators: Rock M. Co-Investigators: Adams C, & Degeling C. Stakeholder Partnerships: Calgary Food Bank and City of Calgary - Animal & Bylaw Services

2014 Cross Discipline Collaboration Seed Funding: “Implementing One Biosecurity: Public Values and Emerging Infectious Disease in Australia”. School of Public Health, University of Sydney.
$4,000 AUD. Degeling C, Gilbert L, Wilson A, Kerridge I.

2013 DVC Research Network Scheme (SyReNS): Human Animal Research Network, The University of Sydney.
$40,000 AUD. Probyn-Rapsey F, Belov K, Black C, Degeling C, Fawcett A, Irvine R, Johnston J, Lea T, Kindt J, Michael M.