One Health, Animal Ethics and the Environment

black flying fox eating palm tree

Black flying fox eating palm tree; by Andrew Mercer; CC-BY-SA-4.0; Wikimedia Commons

Human, nonhuman animal and ecological health are inextricably linked. Because we live with, and rely on, animals, decisions about how to manage the risks of animal disease and ecological change have important socioeconomic, political and ethical implications. One Health has emerged as a global holistic approach to the threats posed to human health by other species and our shared environment. How we understand and seek to mange our relationship with the natural world effects social and economic inequities and the distribution of benefits and burdens between humans and other species. Empirical and theoretical work is needed in order to provide a critical understanding of new ‘One Health’ models for the governance of the human, animal and ecosystem interface.

Theme leader

Dr Chris Degeling

Active researchers

Dr Chris Degeling, Prof Lyn Gilbert, A/Prof Ian Kerridge, Bronwen Morrell, Cheryl Travers


One Health and Public Values
Social Justice and Pet Ownership
Veterinary Curriculum Development


Can One Health strategies be more effectively implemented through prior identification of public values?
NHMRC project grant, 2015-17
Investigators: Degeling C, Gilbert G, Wilson A, Kerridge I, Ward M, Stewart C
Funding: $565,106 over 3 years

Nationally shared curriculum resources for veterinary undergraduate learning in animal welfare and ethics
Australian Office of Teaching and Learning grant, 2014-16
Investigators: McGreevy P, Fisher A, Phillips C, Lloyd J, Collins T, Degeling C, Freire R, Hazel S, Stafford K, Fawcett A
Funding: $378,000 over 3 years

Social justice and pet ownership: A qualitative inquiry to improve population health and advance public health ethics
Canadian Institutes of Health Research Open Operating Grant, 2014-16
Investigators: Rock M, Adams C, Degeling C
Funding: $342,756 over 3 years

Human Animal Research Network
University of Sydney Research Networks Scheme, 2014-15
Investigators: Probyn-Rapsey F, Belov K, Black C, Degeling C, Fawcett A, Irvine R, Johnston J, Lea T, Kindt J, Michael M
Funding: $40,000

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Last updated: Nov 2014