Organ Donation and Transplantation

Research Grants

Researchers Project Title Project Type Duration Funding
Waldby C, Kerridge I, Skene L Human Oöcytes for Stem cell Research: Donation and Regulation in Australia ARC Linkage Grant LP0882054 2008-10 $215,000 over 3 years $76,000 (2008), $80,000 (2009), $59,000 (2010)
Kerridge I, O'Brien T, Stewart C, Jordens C, Nassar N, Ankeny R Ethical and Legal Issues Surrounding the Decision-Making Process for Donating and Banking Umbilical Cord Blood NHMRC Project Grant 512416 2008-10 $402,000 over 3 years: $148,500 (2008), $168,500 (2009), $85,000 (2010)
Ankeny R, Shaw P, Jordens C, O'Brien T, Carter S, Kerridge I (AIs: McPhee J, Barlow-Stewart K) Towards a Best Practice of Emerging Technologies: PGD and HLA Typing for Paediatric Transplantation NSW Cancer Council Research Project Grant RG 07-16 2007-9 $258,956 over 3 years: $84,790 (2007), $90,853 (2008), $83,313 (2009)
Currey J, Botti M, Thomas S, Kerridge I, Komesaroff P Living With an Artificial Heart: Experiences of Patients and Carers Deakin University Central Research Grant Scheme 2007 $20,000 over 1 year
Kerridge I, Stewart C, Jordens C, Carter S Difficult Decisions: a Critical Analysis of Consent to High-Risk Medical Treatments; Examination of Legal and Ethical Limitations NHMRC Project Grant 457439 2007-9 $306,750 over 3 years: $99,000 (2007), $108,375 (2008), $99,375 (2009)
Kerridge I, Jordens C, McGrath C, Little JM Quality of Survival Following Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Thyne Reid Charitable Trust 2005-6 $200,000 over 2 years


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Available here.

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