Public Health Ethics

Public health ethics focuses on the ethics of intervening in health at a community or population level. In the Sydney Public Health Ethics Program we collaborate closely with public health academics and practitioners. Our approach emphasises the equal and co-constitutive roles of ethics and evidence in public health decision making and action.

Our work falls into four main streams:

1. Ethics, Evidence and Action in Public Health

2. Ethics and Drug & Biotechnology Policy

3. Ethics and Communicable Disease Prevention

4. Ethics and Non-Communicable Disease Prevention

Program Director

Dr Stacy Carter

Sydney Researchers

Prof Alex Barratt
Prof Adrian Bauman
Prof Louise Baur
Prof Andy Blinkhorn
Prof Simon Chapman
Dr Evan Doran
Denise Fry
Dr Claire Hooker
Prof Les Irwig
Dr Chris Jordens
A/Prof Ian Kerridge
Christiane Klinner
Dr Wendy Lipworth
Prof Roger Magnusson
Dr Julie Mooney-Somers
Dr Lucie Rychetnik
Prof Glenn Salkeld
A/Prof Cameron Stewart


Julie Letts Principal Policy Analyst Research, Ethics and Public Health Training NSW Department of Health
A/Prof Peter Sainsbury Adjunct Professor the University of Sydney, and Sydney Local Health Network
Prof Paul Ward Discipline Head Discipline of Public Health, Flinders University
Annie Banbury, Eric Van Beurden and Avigdor Zask Team Members North Coast Area Health Service Health Promotion Team

Current Doctoral Students

Adam Capon        Responses to Nanotechnology in Australia
Kathy Flitcroft A Comparative Study of Bowel Cancer Screening Policy in Three Countries
Marita Hefler A Natural History of Smoking Cessation Among a Cohort of Disadvantaged Young People
Vincy Li Reconceptualising Health Promotion: the Role of Values, Ethics and Evidence in Obesity Intervention

Current Projects

Researchers Project Title
Baur LA, Bauman A, Smith B, Chapman K Food and Drink Company Sponsorship of Children's Sport: Publicity or Philanthropy?
Bundy A, Baur L, Naughton G, Trainter P, Schiller W, Wyver S Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial of an Innovative Intervention to Increase Children’s Physical Activity
Bundy A, Naughton GA, Tranter PJ, Wyver SR, Baur LA, Schiller WE, Bauman A Popping the Bubblewrap: Unleashing the Power of Play
Carter SM, Hooker C, Kerridge IH, Rychetnik L Reconceptualising Health Promotion: the Role of Values, Ethics and Evidence in Obesity Intervention
Carter SM, Hooker C, Lipworth L How Do Lay People Understand the Risk of Getting Cancer?
Dixon H, Wakefield M, Donovan R, Baur L, Crawford D, Chapman K, Martin J, Morley B, Kelly B Effects of Counteradvertising on Parent/Child Susceptibility to Junk Food Promotions
Doran E, Henry D, Moynihan R Pharmaceutical Promotion: Productive or Problematic?
Doran E, Henry DA, Salkeld GS Moral Hazard and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
Mooney-Somers J, and colleagues Young Women’s Health Study (YHWS): An Assessment of Sexual Risk, Drug Use and Preventive Orientation Among Young Women in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Mooney-Somers J, and colleagues A Retrospective Evaluation of the Nunkuwarrin Yunti Healthy Liver Program: Clinical Success, Access & Equity, Costs. Centre for Clinical Research Excellence in Aboriginal Health: Blood borne viral and sexually transmitted infections
Mooney-Somers J, and colleagues Study of Chlamydia Testing and Management at Family Planning Clinics in Australia
Mooney-Somers J, and colleagues Sydney Women and Sexual Health Survey (SWASH). Community-collaboration with ACON
Mooney-Somers, J Preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections in Same-Sex Attracted Young Women: An Examination of Perceived Vulnerability and Safer Sex Negotiation
Mooney-Somers J, and colleagues The Role of Resiliency in Responding to Blood-Borne Viral and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Indigenous Communities
Jan S, Clarke P, Howard K, Salkeld G, Chalmers J, Leeder, S Using Health Economics to Strengthen Ties Between Evidence, Policy and Practice in Chronic Disease
Salkeld G, Cinich M, Dowie J, Howard K, Patel M, Mann G A Randomised Trial of an Interactive Decision Aid for Prostate Cancer Screening (Screening Test Evaluation Program). This study aims to establish whether MyProstScreenAL – an online evidence-based decision-making tool – helps Australian men aged 40-69 to make a high-quality decision about screening for prostate cancer.
Salkeld G, and colleagues Screening for Osteoporosis. Treatment for Osteoporosis. This project aims to develop, validate and implement a decision support tool to assist citizens and patients to make an informed choice about having a DEXA scan (osteoporosis screening) and commencing drug therapy. A collaboration between STEP, the Garvan Institute, the George Institute and BUPA Australia (MBF).
Skouteris H, McCabe M, Ricciardelli LA, Milgrom J, Baur LA How do Parenting and Parent-Child Interactions Impact on Preschool Children's Eating, Physical Activity Habits, and Subsequent Patterns of Weight Gain?
 Wen LM, Baur LA, Rissel C, Flood V, Simpson JM, Hayes Al, Hardy L Effectiveness of an Early Intervention Trial to Prevent Obesity: Follow Up and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis


Please click on the links below to see published works by members of the four Public Health Ethics research streams:

Ethics, Evidence and Action in Public Health

Ethics and Drug & Biotechnology Policy

Ethics and Communicable Disease Prevention

Ethics and Non-Communicable Disease Prevention