WSSH Executive Team

Acting Director
Professor Tania Sorrell

Leader of our Executive Team, Tania Sorrell is also Professor and Director of the Centre for Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, Westmead and of the Sydney Emerging Infections & Biosecurity Institute, the University of Sydney.

Academic Lead
Associate Professor Richard Hillman

Richard Hillman is a Conjoint Associate Professor at the Sydney Medical School and a Senior Staff Specialist. He is President of the Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine and Chair of the Australian Sexual Health Alliance (the multidisciplinary body representing Sexual Health professionals in Australasia).

Clinical Services Lead
Dr Catriona Ooi

Catriona Ooi is a Sexual Physician and Senior Staff Specialist at the Western Sydney Sexual Health. She is the WSSH Clinical Services Lead and holds a clinical academic appointment with the Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney as a Senior Lecturer.

Senior Lecturer & Clinical Academic
Dr Shailendra Sawleshwarkar

Shailendra Sawleshwarkar is a Senior Lecturer and Clinical Academic at the Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney and Western Sydney Local Health District. He has been involved in coordinating the Masters Program and development of short courses for a diverse range of healthcare providers. He has international collaborations in capacity building of health professionals through development of innovative educational approaches.

Nurse Unit Manager
Jennifer Walsh

Jennifer Walsh is the Nurse Unit Manager, WSSH Clinical Services, Parramatta, Mt Druit and Outreach services which is a department of Infectious Diseases, Westmead Hsopital.

Member Australiasian Sexual Health & HIV Nurses Association (ASHHNA).