WSSH Clinical Research

Research in the centre focuses on improving clinical care. In 2012 the acceptability of HIV rapid testing for men who have sex with men and clinic staff was evaluated in a multicentre study, and a continuation phase of the study will provide ongoing access to rapid testing.

An audit of post-exposure prophylaxis led to development of a new clinical history proforma, and an audit of gonorrhoea testing, management and antibiotic resistance is underway.

Clinical correlation of antibiotic resistance mutations in local Mycoplasma genitalium isolates, in collaboration with CIDM-Public Health and laboratory Services, reveals that treatment-failure could be reduced with earlier detection of macrolide and fluoroqunolone resistance mutations. Registered Nurses developed a screening tool which has significantly improved rates of screening for non-AIDS co-morbidities such as cardiovascular, renal and bone disease among HIV-infected clinic patients. Patients also have access to HIV clinical trials, including the START study.

Clinic staff implemented a survey comparing staff and clients' opinions of patient information leaflets, which will inform development of future STI education and prevention resources.