From Semester 1, 2015 WSSH will launch a revised postgraduate program in HIV, STIs and Sexual Health. The following information concerns resolutions for the degree structure that was in place prior to Semester 1 2015 and is intended for current continuing students whom are completing their degree under the pre-2015 requirements.

Students must complete coursework equivalent to 36 credit points (cp) for the award of the Graduate Diploma in HIV, STIs and Sexual Health (GradDipHSSH)) or 48 credit points for the Masters of HIV/STIs & Sexual Health (MHSSH). Students can choose one of the following streams:

The requirements of each stream, including information on core and elective units of study can be found by following the appropriate link (above).

To qualify for the Master of HIV, STI’s and Sexual Health / Master of Philosophy double degree, participants must, in addition to the coursework, submit a research thesis.

Course Credit
points for award
Duration full-time Duration part-time
GradDipHSSH 36 1 year 1.5 to 3 years
MHSSH 48 1 year 1.5 to 6 years
MHSSH/MPhil 48 + research thesis (48) 2 years as per individual resolutions

Detailed information about the GradipHSSH, MHSSH and the MHSSH/MPhil can be found on the University of Sydney Handbook (2014 snapshot).

Please note that the GradDipHSSH, MHSSH and the MHSSH/MPhil will be discontinued from Semester 1, 2017. As such all students whom are completing their degrees under these resolutions must either finish their degree 2017, or transfer to the new program. Details of the new program can be accessed here.