Student verification for Professional Placements

All students who wish to undertake a student placement must become verified by NSW Ministry of Health under ClinConnect. To view a complete list of these requirements please visit the University website for more information Course-Specific Checks and Clearances.

All Students who enrol in Unit of Study, SEXH5406:Professional Placement, will be provided information regarding their ClinConnect registrations and the verification process.

If you have any queries about this process, please email

What are the student verification requirements?

If your course requires you to undertake a clinical placement in a NSW Ministry of Health facility you must meet the requirements of the NSW Ministry of Health employment checks and immunisation policies (PDF).

These requirements are mandatory – if you do not meet them, you will not be able to attend a clinical placement in a NSW Health facility.

Please visit our website for a complete list of the NSW Health clinical placement requirements.

How long does it take to become verified?

In order to become verified you must present your completed documents to a NSW Ministry of Health staff member, which requires attending an appointment in person. Your appointment should take no more than 30 minutes, but the preparation of your documents can take over a month, depending on your immunization status.

It is important to begin preparing your student verification requirements as soon as possible so that you are prepared to begin placement.

I am a NSW Ministry of Health Employee. Am I still required to complete student verification?

Yes. All students wishing to take placement in a NSW Health facility must become verified with NSW Ministry of Health, even current employees.

What is a NSW Ministry of Health facility?

NSW Ministry of Health are responsible for managing and funding health services in hospitals, clinics, and other settings across NSW. If you aren’t sure whether your facility is a NSW Health facility, please visit NSW Ministry of Health website, or contact

What type of Criminal Record Check should I apply for?

Please visit our website to determine what Criminal Record Check is right for you, as a domestic or international student. For both types of Criminal Record Checks, you do not need the fingerprint option. The name check option is sufficient. This should cost between 40$-55$. Third party certificates are not accepted so be sure you have applied through the correct organization.

What vaccination evidence do I need?

A complete list of the vaccination requirements can be found on page 2 of the Student Placement Clearance Sheet. Within the table, you will find a list of infectious diseases and the required forms of immunization evidence that you must provide in order to become verified with NSW Ministry of Health.

Start by obtaining copies of your vaccination records. If you cannot locate some or all of your vaccination records, then make an appointment to have serology tests performed as soon as possible. If there are vaccinations you have not had, make an appointment to receive them.

Have your GP or Vaccination Provider complete a Vaccination Record Card for you. Instructions for your GP/Vaccination Provider and an example of a completed vaccination card are provided here.

If you do not have a GP or aren’t sure what you need, The University Health Service is available to assist you. They are extremely familiar with this process and are available in the Wentworth Building at Camperdown Campus. Please schedule an appointment and bring your verification documents with you.

I can’t attend the On Campus Session. What should I do?

It is highly recommended that you attend the On Campus Verification Sessions to become verified. At these sessions, The University of Sydney staff and Ministry of Health staff are both on campus to assist you with verification and answer any questions you have. If you cannot attend, or need to become verified before the date of the next On Campus Verification Session, please contact for further instructions.

I have no idea what I am doing. Help!

If you are unsure about what is required of you, please contact Student Verification Support right away. Becoming verified is not difficult, but requires preparation ahead of time. It is important to ask your questions early to ensure that you are well prepared for placement to begin. Student Verification Support is available at 02 9114 4273 or