HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) present major public health concerns for both developed and developing countries. Every year, millions of adults and children become infected, resulting in considerable morbidity and mortality. The program in HIV, STIs & Sexual Health is a global leader in postgraduate education in these fields and attracts many students from Australia and around the world. Using the latest online and face-to-face pedagogic techniques, it fosters a multidisciplinary and enquiry-based environment, with a strong emphasis on research.

Offered at Master's degree and Graduate Diploma award level, the program is available in five distinct Streams (Counselling, Public Health, Nursing, Laboratory or Medicine). The course is of interest to the wide range of professionals who currently work in the field, and those who want to develop specific expertise in the area. Strong candidates are encouraged to further their studies in the form of a research degree (MPhil or PhD).

Students who successfully complete the MHSSH degree with a Credit grade (or higher) may apply for consideration to enrol in an intercalated MPhil degree program. Those who successfully complete their MPhil may use this as a one year contribution towards a three year PhD program. Additionally, depending on their background, students may also enrol in a specific unit of study. Each application is reviewed on its merit.

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