The HIV, STI and Sexual Health program provides high levels of knowledge and skills in the understanding and control of STIs, including HIV infection. Our comprehensive program will give you an opportunity to develop your skills in a multidisciplinary, research-rich environment.

Target Audience

  • Recent graduates in psychology, counselling, education, occupational therapy, rehabilitation therapy and social work who are interested in pursuing a career in HIV, STIs and Sexual Health counselling and therapy.
  • More established professionals (such as nurses, therapists, counsellors, social workers, teachers, general practitioners) wishing to gain greater knowledge and understanding in these areas.
  • Professionals who deal with HIV, STIs and Sexual Health issues as part of their professional roles (such as marriage and relationship counsellors, clergy, journalists, occupational therapists, rehabilitation counsellors) who wish to gain greater knowledge and understanding in these areas.
  • Components of the Degree count towards certification with ASSERT as well as Sexual Health Counselling certification outside of Australia.

Learning Pathways

Students may enrol into one of the following:

  • Individual units of study (subject to approval by the unit of study Coordinator)
  • The Masters of HIV, STIs and Sexual Health (MHSSH) - Counselling stream (48 credit points)
  • The Graduate Diploma in HIV, STIs and Sexual Health (GDipHSSH) Counselling stream (36 credit points)
  • A double degree of the MHSSH with a Master of Philosophy (MPhil). Please note that this is only available to AusAID-funded students.
  • Students who successfully complete the MHSSH degree with a Credit grade (or higher) may apply for consideration to enrol in an intercalated MPhil degree program. Those who successfully complete their MPhil may use this as a one year contribution towards a three year PhD program.

Entrance Requirements

A graduate degree from a recognised institution.

Professional Outcomes

Completion of the MHSSH Counselling degree will provide graduates with the chance to contribute to the management of sexual functioning and relationships. Graduates of this program can use their skills to work in non-profit or governmental health agencies as a sexual health expert. This degree contributes towards sexual counselling training requirements, but accreditation as a sexual health counsellor may require you to complete additional placement hours (depending on previous counselling experience).

Both those with and without previous counselling degrees will find this course invaluable in enhancing their current skills and helping develop a specialised practice in the field of Sexual Health.

Counselling Stream

Stream Core Units of Study Stream Elective Units of Study

To be awarded a Master degree (MHSSH), students must complete 48 credit points of stream specific units of study.

Graduate Diploma students complete 6 credit points of stream specific elective units of study.

Masters students complete 12 credit points of stream specific elective units of study.

Semester 1

Semester 1

Counselling in Sexual Health 1

Adult Sexual Assault
Variations in Sexual Function
Sexual Health & Relationships Education
Epidemiology Methods and Uses
Introductory Biostatistics
Semester 2 Semester 2
Counselling in Sexual Health 2
Sex and Society
Sex Gender and Sexuality
Public Health Aspects of STIs
Public Health Aspects of HIV/AIDS
Advanced Adolescent Sexual Health
Contraception and Reproductive Health
HIV/STI Program Delivery
Global Perspectives of HIV/AIDS
Introduction to Human Research Ethics