Academic Floor Research

Australia is a world leader in developing and evaluating prophylactic HPV vaccination. The academic team has made considerable contributions to this research effort, ranging from developing innovative interactive information for adolescents, to biomedical evaluation of safety, tolerability and efficacy.

In 2012 we received $5,986,258 in grant income, published 31 papers and presented at 37 local and international meetings.

Current key areas of research are:

  1. Service delivery: STIs and HIV management in general practice and optimising service delivery to CALD and marginalised communities
  2. Novel diagnostics: Evaluation of uptake of point of care testing
  3. Prophylactic HPV vaccination - biomedical: Evaluation of the biological efficacy, safety & tolerability
  4. Prophylactic HPV vaccination - psychosocial: Developing and assessing mechanisms to optimise uptake
  5. Anal cancer: Evaluation of screening technologies from virological, cytological, histological, biomarker, psychosocial and health economic perspectives
  6. Social media: Qualitative investigation of the impact of social media on mental health, relationship development, and protective behaviours